Sisterhood of the Traveling Book

Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book!

A quick rundown of what it is... I have this book "Making Room for Making ARt" that I've already read and it's not the keep forever kind of reference books, not to me at least. So I've read it a while back and now thought to have a giveaway with it and hopefully start a Pay it Forward trend with it. I ask that after you receive the book, read it or parts of it and doodle in it or write some inspirational words in it then give it away to one of the "sisters" that have already expressed interest in it. I am including their names with the book. After the book has gone through everyone, I hope the last person decides to continue to Pay it Forward and have their own giveaway and the process will start over. I know this book will be well worn with expressions of love.

I really hope that whoever has the book will post pictures of their doodles and/or writings on their blog and then inform me so I can post them here. This should be interesting and fun.

I am also having another traveling sketchbook underway. This is a Round Robin type. Please go here to read about it.

Sistahs so far:

Nicola of Nicola Toms Designs
Lotus of Whymsicallotus
Kristin of Kristin Dudish
Jennifer of Jewelry by J.P. ~ She got the book second
Brandy of Artbrat's Bits and Pieces
Diane of Diane Knott's Musings
Cheryl of Healing Woman
Carmen of Whoopidoo...ings
Charlie of Art Happens
Kim of Queen of Arts ~ Current book holder as of 8/6/11
Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations
Lisa of Priti Studio
Stephanie Mealor Corder of Dragonfly Designs Studios
Kathy of Katie's Cows & Udder Things
T of Poppy Place Pdx ~ She gets the book first!!
Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered


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