Monday, August 30, 2010

I won! I won!

I am so excited to share the news that I finally won a giveaway! These pretty little handmade drop earrings with a fat baroque pearl and lilac heishi rondelles with silver sterling are made by Plantress at A word from Plantress. This is the first giveaway that I've won! Aren't they just such pretty little things? I am thrilled. I don't have anything like these and can't wait to wear them.

Please take a look at her beautiful pieces of all one of a kind jewelry at her Etsy Shop called Alder Creek Designs.

Thank you Plantress!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A quick funny

Today, my muse is here and I'm taking full advantage while my son is at school and then a friends house. I started to get a little snacking urge so I quickly grabbed on of my favorite chocolate pleasures in a yellow bag out of the pantry and sat back down at my computer. Opened up the bag and stuck in my hand all the while not closely paying attention... that is until my nose yelled up to my brain and said hey stupid! A little attention is required here!!  Look and see, which one do you think I was about to eat? Yep.

innocent enough looking in the pantry...

now look a little closer!

Next time I think I'll make sure to buy the green bag of kitty treats.

Thought you'd like a laugh...
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

GeeJayCreations made a treasury!


I'm so excited to share that my GeeJayCreations Etsy shop made a very nice treasury! It feels so good :)

Now, if I could figure out how to show you all a picture of the treasury page. Click treasury to link over to the page.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday Night Drama

Let me share my latest drama with you all. For the past week and a half to two weeks, I have noticed a strange smell in my house. Now with a 4 year old, a geriatric cat, a dog and a working husband you wouldn't think this would be anything new, but this particular smell is. I first noticed that we all had been rather sick lately, and I've had a stomach ache and a nauseous feeling on again off again since mid July. I'm praying that it's not my gallbladder but that's another story. I've been getting headaches a lot lately, too and have been having dizzy spells. Again... a kid, a dog, etc. My husband and kid have been having colds and we just aren't 100% well. So jump forward (or backward?) to about 2 weeks ago when I noticed the smell. It all started one evening when we came home to find that Zoey had had an accident in her kennel. No big deal, I washed her bedding and sprayed the tray with vinegar water to clean it and disinfect it. I immediately noticed a foul smell as I was down on my knees wiping the tray. I thought it was just the vinegar and having my head down in it.

Fast forward a couple days and I notice that the smell just isn't going away. I get my trusty "stink finder", which is a fancy black light that finds all sorts of gross stuff like cat urine, vomit, all kinds of bodily fluids one doesn't want to know about (I can't imagine taking this thing to a motel) and I start searching in the general area that the smell is around. But I can't pinpoint it. The light doesn't find anything (that I didn't know about and had cleaned up in the past with a steam cleaner). I am perplexed at this point and start scouring the entire house. Even the attic. I'm down in the basement getting closer to the floor than I really care about and still nothing. So then I start to wonder if I've caused some sort of chemical reaction with the galvanized tray in the kennel with the vinegar. But then I think, well it will just go away eventually and I spray with abandon Febreeze on the carpets and everyones bedding and Air Effects all around the house with Linen and sky... ahhh fresh laundry smell.... with a side note of sickening something I cannot put my finger on. Yuck.

Another day or two goes by and I noticed that the smell has gotten stronger. Again, I get the stink finder. Nothing. I really try to dissect the smell, to explain what it is like to hubby since he still has a cold and cannot smell. I determine that it is a metal like smell. He just shrugs and looks at me like what do you want me to do about it. hmmmpfff.

Another day goes by and I am really going nuts trying to find this smell. A friend offers to come smell it and help me find it, but we haven't worked out a time yet. (busy women, we are you know). So I pounce on my husband every time he comes in the house. Do you smell it???? It is in a certain area, the back part of the hall, my son's room and now the entry way!! I was coming down the stairs (to the entry way) when I noticed as I paused at the bottom that the vent was blowing up on me and I could distinctly smell it again. Hubby, who has now regained his sense of smell or so he says, smells nothing. I feel like I am the little girl that sees the monster in the closet and no one believes me. Asher says he smells it, but he'll agree with just about anything. I finally decide that it smells like metal and that weird chemically metal like smell that synthetic fertilizer  smells like. You know, 10-10-10. That night, Friday night, which is last night I might add, I get online and google metal smell in my house and wouldn't you believe it, there are like a zillion pages. So I start going through the ones that seem most like my situation and that's when I see it. Someone mentions carbon monoxide. I read more, faster and faster. I then remember I have a carbon monoxide detecter upstairs in my studio. I run upstairs to get it and as I am again at the bottom of the stairs where the vent blows on me I hold it still over it and within 20 seconds the detector is screaming and beeping and flashing it's CO light at me! I freak out. I'm alone, cause the hubs works nights and Asher is sleeping. I try Asher's room. BEEP BEEP BEEP! I can't believe it! My head starts spinning, and I feel queasy, what should I do??? I check our bedroom where I don't smell the awful smell and it goes off too. Now this thing has been sitting upstairs for months and it's not made a peep, or beep and now it's screaming it's head off!

I stop and think a minute. I try to call Daryl and it goes straight to voicemail. ERGH!!! I call again and again. Nothing. It's about 10:30 at night so I decide to call some really good friends of ours one of which works for the power company for our area. His wife is relaying the whole story to him through me. He said call the fire department.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Panic has officially set in. Visions of screaming sirens and flashing lights come to my head. My child waking in a fright, forever scarred (ok, I'm getting a little melodramatic here, but I get that way real fast for less usually). The firefighters telling me I must leave my house until it is resolved! Oh what a mess! and I haven't even dialed the number yet. So I think for a moment, or try to at least. I manage to open 2 windows. I had so efficiently (read: stupidly) taken off the screens of most of the windows earlier in the summer, oh stupid efficient me!!! Moths and bugs are now dive bombing the windows to come in. Oh my God. This really was a terrible scene.... ha ha but I laugh now. So I decide I have to call them because you know people actually die from carbon monoxide poisoning. I look up the number instead of dialing 911. The very first thing I say when they pick up is this is NOT an emergency. I then repeat my entire story to the dispatch officer who basically just wants the facts as I can tell in her tone. They tell me they'll send someone out. Hear that? SomeONE. as in singular. whew.... ok. this will be alright, no trucks and lights and so on. I've saved some therapy money for ASher later.

So, a few minutes go by. Long enough for me to put the girls back in the sling and get some clothes on and pick up Asher and take him to my bed. I see a truck pull up. A volunteer, they are always the first to arrive... go getters I'm telling ya. I go out to greet him and I'm thankful that he has just a flashlight but there is that loud radio with him. I tell him about the sleeping kid. He comes in and I repeat the whole story yet again. But this time HURRAY! He can smell it! Plus the carbon monoxide detector is going off again with him to witness it. He talks on his little radio and I discover there are more people coming. Low and behold here comes the rescue truck and then a fire truck and then another vehicle all with the lights flashing and about 8 firemen come trudging into my house with radios blarring, boots and all talking and searching with their hand held detectors and they are all very hero like, hats and all. I'm telling my story over and over to all the guys. They check the entire house and find nothing! In fact the first guy is the only one that smells it! I am floored. They start to ask questions about my detector. When did I replace the batteries, how old was it, stuff I really didn't know but I was quite certain the batteries had been put in when the time changed not even 6 months ago, but upon closer inspection by a firefighter, I had been pretty efficient then too and had wrote the date on the battery, he noted that it was a year old. I'm starting to feel a little sheepish about now. They read me the numbers and even show me their detector and tell me that it's within the normal limits. I can feel myself getting embarrassed and my voice starts to raise a few octaves... "Oh I believe you... are you sure your batteries are good in that one?" I ask with a sheepish laugh.... ha ha? No laughs just looks. Oh boy. And then one firefighter points out that my detector says on the back that it will sound the alarm when it needs to be replaced. Oh, and look there on the back, it's like 10 years old or something. Who has time to think of such things when they are in a full blown panic? They ask if I have a new battery and I do, so I find it and they put it in and the darn thing is still going off. So here it is 11:45 on a Friday night and I've gotten all these guys out of their beds and houses to come look at the stupid girl that can't even open the back of the detector to check for batteries. One tells me I should replace all detectors after they are 7 years old. Who knew? I profusely apologize and they are all very good about it and one keeps assuring me that if they didn't love their job, they wouldn't do it. Oyi. I feel like the biggest pannicky idiot in the world. They all pack up and finally leave, probably thinking "women" as in dingbat. Just as they leave, the hubs pulls up home from work. Asher never did even wake up. So I get to tell my whole story yet again this time with added drama about the firefighters. I can tell as I  share the story with no sympathy looks coming from him, hubby does think I'm a pannicky dingbat even though he doesn't say it.

Better safe than sorry though, right?

So... that's my Friday night drama. Today, I went to Lowe's and bought a brand new carbon monoxide detector that you plug in and has a battery back up for $50 bucks. Yeah... it hasn't gone off yet, dammit.

So with all that drama, I'm still left with this horrible smell. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears unless it involves calling the fire department again.

p.s. I have the utmost respect for all firefighters and do not mean any harm or disrespect to these true heros.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Thinking sometimes hurts.

I'm sure you've all had moments... aha moments as Oprah call them. Last night I had a rather aha moment at about 2 in the morning. I had managed to sit and watch the last two episodes of the season finally for Work of Art. I've watched, intrigued the entire season and haven't understood a lot of the reasoning behind the judges comments and verdict. Then it came to me as I sat teary eyed and watched as Perigrin was so obviously moved by her own piece and then moved again as others "got it". Also as Abdi (my favorite from the start) presented an emotionally intense piece that I fully related to (a baptism). One or two of the judges in the end show finally started to make sense. They explained it a little more to my understanding at least by the end of the season. I usually have no problem admitting I'm wrong or no good at something, but this is a little embarrassing. I guess because I all these years, going way back to crayons on the walls... I've always felt in my heart I was to create stuff and try to be good at it. Even as now, I am 40 years of age and probably done with half of my life... and I've up until last night thought I was to try to do my best at creating something... technically. I've apparently missed the bus all these years because I think I now get it. It's not how good an artist you are... like how well I can draw say an apple and make the viewer see a great drawing of an apple. It's how I can reach down in my soul and pull out something that can make the viewer feel something. Something that I felt as I created it. Wow.

I've always felt like I was the artist outside looking in at the better artists. Maybe that is why I have such a blank canvass syndrome. You know, when I have a blank page in front of me and I can't for the life of me think of a single thing to draw. That I can't draw it that well so I don't even attempt it. I need to draw from within. I've just learned that and I hope that I can learn to do that.

How do you "draw" from within?

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My dear friend, Theresa, over at Faerie Moon Creations is having a fantastic giveaway of this beautiful mixed media image that she has created. She is called Serenade and isn't she lovely? I am hoping to win, but go ahead on over there and sign up for your chance, I don't mind a little competition ;)

This little beauty is created on birch wood and isn't little at all. She is a full 5"x7"!  Now that's a giveaway, huh? I have the perfect spot picked out for her in my studio already :)  Theresa has done all sorts of magical things to make her look as sweet as she does. Go quick now and check out her blog and also her Etsy shop where she has beautiful jewelry and knitting as well as her painted beauties. She is a woman with many talents!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th!

Thought I'd share a spooky little sketch I did a lonnnnng time ago. About 20 years ago! I've always had the best luck on Friday the 13th, all my life. Today was no different... I got to enjoy some peace and quiet and I also found out we are approved for a car loan, yay!

Happy Friday the 13th!

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1st Day of Pre-School

First Day of my baby's school!

Here is Asher running to get to the school doors where the teacher comes out to collect the kids.

Mixed feelings!

Well I made it through... the first day of Pre-School that is. Asher was so excited about going and I was excited to have a little time to myself. I wasn't sure how I'd do dropping him off but thought it would be fine, but low and behold here come the waterworks as my baby hugs me and yells "bye Mommy" and trots off with the other kids! All the way home, too. But once home and the hubs went to work, silence truly is golden. I had forgotten what it was like! Oh my I am going to adapt very quickly! haha  As a matter of fact this is the 2nd day of school (he only goes 3 days a week) and I am grinning ear to ear as I have the place to myself... granted only for 2 and a half hours but hey! Well, actually only about a hour and a half if you count driving time, but I am enjoying the silence. Next year for all day Kindergarten may be a different story!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have you heard?

Do you know Anne over at Fiona & Twig? She has a terrific blog, great personality and gorgeous goodies to sell and just a whole bunch of inspiration on all things beautiful. She is having her one year anniversary on blogging and bless her heart she is having a HUGE giveaway to a lucky winner... a $125 shopping spree from CNS Stores. They seem to have lots and lots of pretty and needful things. So get on over there and check her out, somebody has gotta win!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Check out my newest purchase!

I have been so busy lately, but I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful jewelry from Mana Moon Studios that I just got. I received in the unassuming package on this past Saturday. I was so excited that it arrived that I ripped open the box and discovered beautiful packaging inside and the jewelry was even more beautiful in person than by the pictures, which were pretty awesome.

It was so fun opening all the packages and the packing was so pretty.  I have learned a thing or two from Sharon that's for sure on packing. You all know I don't sell jewelry, but I can still use the ideas to make my packaging more appealing. 

I not only got this gorgeous jewelry, but she sent me an extra special piece as a surprise! I was just floored, and so appreciative! Thanks you Sharon!!!! *kiss kiss* Not only did I get extra goodies I also received a discount certificate for her other shop called Plumrose Lane!

If you've not heard of Plumrose Lane, and who hasn't?, you need to check it out. Sharon is an excellent designer (and I fancy myself a very good judge of design since my last paying gig was Art Director for an ad agency) of blog backgrounds and also twitter and self promotion and she's got tutorials and all kinds of great stuff... just like her card says... she is a curator of whimsical treasures and purveyor of phantasmagorical designs!  Check out her blog for freebies, too.

If she has anything left, there is 75% off her Mana Moon Studios jewelry! It all it just beautiful. Well, don't take my word for it, looky here!

On another note my baby starts Pre-School on Wednesday!!!!!! Mixed emotions going on here...

Also, has anyone seen the movie Zombieland? I laughed myself silly, a laugh out loud super cute movie, but watch out if you're squeemish!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watermelon Wednesday

Fresh from the garden watermelon here! Get yer watermelon here!


Doesn't this look refreshing and yummy?! That's because it is! Ha ha... sorry to rub it in. I just cut up this watermelon today for dinner. (dinner is lunch for those who aren't country, and supper is what you eat at night) It is soooo tasty and refreshing on this hot, hot day. It is only 97 degrees out there but the heat index is 108 and there is an excessive heat warning for our area. So today we are inside til this evening at least and I don't think it'll cool off much then either. 

Everything is wilted out there... poor flowers. Here's a tip, if your flowers are wilted and you know that you just watered them DON'T water them again. It's the plant's vascular system's fault. Basically the plant cannot get water circulating up to the leaves fast enough from the moisture evaporating from it's leaves. Hopefully it will bounce back in the cooler hours but if you keep watering chances are you'll drown the plant and make the roots rot. Not good, root rot = dead plant.

I think watermelon is one of those elusive flavors that the food people/scientists cannot recreate correctly. Oh, they've got sweet watermelonly smells but it really doesn't even come close to the real thing. Don't get me wrong I love watermelon gum and enjoy looking silly sucking on a watermelon ring pop, a real blast from my past memory for me that I'll share another time.

Next year's bounty :)

Stay cool and try a watermelon to stay hydrated and refreshed. Go ahead and spit those seeds... how far can you get?
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Say hello to my little friend

Here he is... an upside down praying mantis!

I woke up this morning and took Zoey out like normal but besides the breath taking humidity so early, I noticed lots of black and blue butterflies! So beautiful and magical in the morning light as the locusts sang their persistent calls. They must've had a hatching all at once or whatever it's called... but they were everywhere and a wonderful site to see. Those locusts are out with bells on and that always reminds me of Florida. Ahhh the sounds of summer.

So even though it was like 600 degrees outside and now the hottest part of the day I took my camera and waited for the foggy lens to clear up to take some mid summer pictures and try to get some pics of those beautiful winged creatures. To my surprise I finally got one and then another and I think I took about 200 pictures trying to get them with those gorgeous wings open and then oooo! across the porch I noticed one landing on my tiger lilies. I had to get the contrast of that orange flower and black with blue butterfly. As I got closer, surprise!! A little praying mantis shot out of nowhere and ran up the flower to see who this winged invader was. I'm not sure if I scared the butterfly off or the praying mantis did but as I tried to snap as many close up pictures that I could my battery went kaput. Wouldn't you know it. I think that praying mantis's are the neatest little creatures and can watch them for hours. Sometimes they hitch a ride in with my plants and end up in the greenhouse in the fall but I don't know where they end up cause I usually never see them again. I just read recently that praying mantis's are one of the top predators of hummingbirds. Who knew! But that is nature. But aren't the butterflies and all the little creatures just so magical? 

Here I'm chasing a butterfly, see it on the far left hand side about mid way down?

Ok, these petunia's don't have a butterfly on them right now, but they are my favorite color of petunias.

Here is the butterfly tantalizing me...

Success! It finally lets me touch it and hold it! It must like the way I taste because it lingered for many pictures.

Here is the praying mantis running up the flower to chase away the butterfly.

I want to thank my friend Sharon over at Plumrose Lane for an excellent tutorial of adding a signature to your posts on Blogger. Thanks, Sharon!! She is a wealth of info and has spectacular FREE designs for your blog. Sharon also has an Etsy shop, Mana Moon Studio's, that she is closing down and everything is 75% off! Go now! I just swooped up 3 beautiful pieces that I can't wait to get and show you all. 

So, how does my signature look? See ya soon!
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