Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Angel project

I've been talking with a friend of mine who is a writer/song writer and we've decided to get together to work on some joint projects. She is just a fabulous woman and has had lots of different lifetime experiences. She came over a couple of weeks ago for the initial get-together/meeting. She has tons and tons of poems and songs. We know we want to create some things together but we are flying blind and just going to try to put out our best effort and see how it's received. She is just the busiest woman I know and I wish I could direct you to her website, but she doesn't have one... yet. We'll be working on that, too.

So here's a little peek into what I've been working on. It's still a work in progress, but I'm starting to like where it's headed. All my life, I never thought I had a style per se, but looking at my some of my stuff I think I may just see one forming.

It's fun to work on something that might lead to something else. I know with this economy we are not starting at the best of times, and I was actually just whining somewhere that I was kinda down feeling like I was earning peanuts at best and how it didn't make sense to continue... but I guess it really is in my heart... my artist heart. I have to create. I simply must and it makes me feel free and good and hopeful again when I do.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Creative Thoughts

I had to brag about my creative kid a little today. Here is his last painting and I'm starting to feel a little threatened. Ha ha, just kidding but wow. I'm even impressed. I'm not totally sure he is doing this on purpose because if I ask him which is his favorite color to make, he answers with the color mud. Oh well. He is having fun and I love it that he interested in expressing himself.

I really shouldn't be surprised though, because being around a preschooler all the time I've learned first hand at how super creative they are. No toys around? No problem... he'll play with what ever is there like a straw or a rock and makes up elaborate stories of their perils along with names and friends. It's hilarious and also very thought provoking. Even as I consider myself a creative person... I feel I have lost a lot of that natural wonder and exploring instinct that he now possesses. I listen intently as he plays and I feel honored when he wants me to join in his creative play. I'm taking notes. I'm determined to get back some of that early childlike wonderment back with him leading the way.

"This Artists Observations of the Day"

Feeling of the day: I feel cold today, but my heart is warm

I'm grateful for: dreams

I thought about today: like minds

I miss: the smell of cut grass

Best thing I did today: play fix the bus with Asher

Today I visited: you should visit her fun, thoughtful and creative blog. She also has a great Etsy shop.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Wow! I haven't posted in a week. I guess I just haven't been in the sharing kind of mood. For some reason this week has been particularly hard emotionally. It marked the 3 month anniversary of my mother's death on Wednesday, the 20th. It also was my dad's 62nd birthday on Tuesday. I've been very weepy. I know my dad is going through a hard time. He is lonely and that hurts me. I miss her so terribly every day but I do have my son and my husband and then I think of my dad... he lost his mate. As hard as losing my mother was, I know losing a mate of 38 years has got to be devastating. They were perfect for each other and truly were soul mates. I always compared my relationships to theirs, and none have matched theirs, sadly.

On a happy note, my best friend Kelly turns 39 today! Happy Birthday Kells! She has been my rock on more than a few occasions. And I know she will be there for me in the future. Isn't it great to have one true thing in your life? I'm lucky.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New listings

Today I posted a Valentine's Day postcard on Etsy. I'm not sure how well it will be received. I sometimes have a quirky sense of humor and came up with a sarcastic card to send somebody. It really is meant to be a joke. Have a laugh.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's Happy


Here's a little ACEO that I named "Happy". I hope her little starfish doesn't fall off... ha ha. Today up in the art studio, since it is the new fun place to be for Asher, I was able to get a small project finished and this is it. As usual, as I sit at my drawing table, I haven't the faintest of ideas what to draw. Sometimes, I have dreams of the things I draw, but more often than not I just make it up as I go along. I get so inspired by drifting around the sites and blogs that when I get in the studio I wonder why my mind just goes blank.

Last night, I found the most marvelous site called Creative Souls. I have had so much fun and inspiration from just browsing through the artists on there. I loved it so much I joined as you can see from me proudly displaying the logo to the right here. If you get time, go visit and join the fun!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Snowy Monday


Today I took Asher up to paint in my studio for the very first time. He was so excited to sit up there with me to work and he squealed with joy. First, I let him get used to the space and table with crayons and paper and just to see if he would lose interest. But he stayed fairly interested, when he did want to get down and start going through my stuff I had to divert his attention while I try to get a little something done myself. I looked everywhere for a cheap set of watercolors in the little ovals and couldn't find one, so I thought how much of a mess could some acrylics be. I started off with giving him an old brush and red, yellow and blue and a couple of directions and off he went! I was pretty impressed for his first time of painting. Look at his form! haha... maybe I have a little Rembrandt in the making here.
He had great fun and now in the future maybe I can get in my studio before 11pm to create some stuff of my own.

Up at the top is what I got done today. I call it "Lovers". I've been in the Valentine's Day mood lately and came up with this little ACEO. It's done with watercolor pencils and ink. I think I'll post it on Etsy when I have a handful of Valentine projects to post at once. I like it when I see other artists post their work in progress, so I did it too.

We got the most beautiful snow today in the form of a "clipper". Giant, fluffy snowflakes falling straight down then turning to a fine snow rather quickly. It didn't last for long, but it was a sight to see for the 30 or so minutes it lasted. This is a view from my kitchen. The roof you see is my greenhouse and further out is our lake. You can see the empty bird feeder on the Black Walnut tree waiting for more seed. Those birds have been hungry this week and looking in my windows as if to say, "Hey lady! Get out here and feed us!"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Launched my new website!

I just launched my newly revised website. My old one only focused on the Photomontages that I create and nothing else that I do like drawing or painting. I feel this looks more professional and leaves a lot of room for any additions that I may create in the future. See my new website here. I'd love to get some feedback from you, good or bad and anywhere in between. I've used iweb again and ran into some aggravation with not being able to add meta tags but for now I'll stick with it. I've used Dreamweaver before but I know just enough to be dangerous. As a designer and a very visual person it is annoying to not be able to have my website look just as I can design it say in InDesign or Photoshop. I'm no techie that's for sure but manage to stumble through but I decided to just get my site up in a hurry so I stuck with what was fast and easy and that was iweb (an Apple application). So please, take a look and leave me some feedback either by commenting or email me :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I feel inspired! Not sure what has brought it on, but I'm going to take advantage of it. I don't usually post in the morning and thought I'd share my excitement about creating things today. I've been reading all my favorite blogs this morning and it's just come over me! I love it when I get this feeling. And when I say feeling, I do mean feeling. When I get ideas that I think are really something... I get a little tingle almost a buzzing feeling. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. It starts in my lower back and travel up and down at the same time down to my tingling toes :) It's usually just for a moment but I know when I get this little creative tingle... I've got to either go do it or at least jot it down to try when I get the time. I get it with all kinds of ideas, not just creating art. Like gardening, decorating, anything that is relevant to me or those I love. So today I'm using this day to create! Yay! I also feel compelled to post...

"This Artists Observations of the Day"

Feeling of the day: creative!

I'm grateful for: tingly feelings

I am wearing: fuzzy slippers

I thought about today: Valentines Day creations

I miss: warm evenings of summer

Best thing I did today: didn't cave on diet with cookies on counter :)

Today I visited: An Artist's Journey by Susan Roux

thank you Susan for the little plug from your site today, I really enjoy reading your blog and I love to search through all your friends and often find new blogs to follow through it. I do that with everyone's blog :) I think that is the best way to meet new friends! Now go! and be creative!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm feeling cranky

I started a new diet today and I'm hungry and cranky. I know, how cliche is a new diet at the new year, but I had to. I got on the scale today and it wasn't pretty. I guess I've started to eat my way back to happiness since Mom passed. Problem is, I'm not getting back to happiness and getting unhappier by the pound. :(

Another thing I'm irritated about is my blog's background is now white when it should be dark gray. I don't know why it changed but I know when it did. I signed up my blog for Google Analytics so I could get some insight on my blogs traffic. So now until I can figure it out or just change my template, I'm stuck with this and I don't like it. I just don't get this html crap. If anybody knows how to put your own picture as the background of your blog, please help. I've googled it and found out how, it just doesn't fit right! grrrr! I need a cookie.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Let's make this the best year for ourselves! It's 2010!
Life is not a dress rehearsal, so make the most of this life that God has given us.

Be kind,
Be loving,
Be forgiving,
Be grateful,
Be creative.

and most of all... think beyond yourself.


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