Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Canning Job Evah

Well yesterday for the first time ever, I canned. Woo hoo! the best part is, it was easy! I've been wanting to can for years but have been afraid to. I jumped in head first. I bought this gargancheous pressure canner. It was so big, that I had to buy a new cooktop. These may be the most expensive homegrown and canned green beans in the history of mankind. 

Last year I froze everything including the beans and they were icky, just horrible. I froze tomatoes, salsa, corn, peppers and yellow and green squash. This year I'm gonna be a "Cannin' Freak". I may just have to buy another shelf for the basement!

I also, spied my first ripe tomato! A Stupice, one of my Heirloom Tomatoes I grew from seed. I haven't had a tomato before July 4th in a long time! They are growing gangbusters! I think they have found some tomato crack in the soil or something. Seriously, they are doing fabulous.

Today, I also did a little sketch of a fairy. Man, I really need to practice and loosen up some. 

Friday, June 26, 2009


here's the Photomontage

Freaky Friday

I've been a busy bee today. Got another pot painted and sealed ready for tomorrows Farmers Market. Still no veggies to sell though. I delivered a Photomontage last night for a wedding gift. Also, I made a new scratch pad with my drawing of "Midnight Sun" on it. Got lots of ideas and not enough time to produce them! If only I didn't have to sleep.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poppies Terra Cotta Pot coming along

I think I'm about finished with this pot, I just need to give a coat of sealant. Here are a few pics of it. Any comments?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sweaty Farmer's Market today

Well today started out sweaty and stayed that way all day. Thank God for Secret and Dial soap! First thing we tried to tie up our sweet corn that got knocked down from the straight line winds we had here yesterday. It even knocked over a couple tomato plants and my zuchinni. It was like a hurricane! After that and then making breakfast for lunch I loaded up my car for the Mt. Vernon, IN Farmer's Market. Did I mention it is being held in a concrete parking lot? it felt like over 100 degrees and humid. Traffic is kinda slow since it's just the market's second week. Hopefully traffic will pick up. I did sell some plants and artwork and got some orders for my custom made scratch pads though... so I'll call it a good day :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Well today started out great, because Asher let us sleep in until 11:00! But, then my mol called 20 min. later and said she was in the driveway... so much for a great day.

Got some really cute pics of Daryl and Asher. would it kill him to pick up the camera and get a picture of me with Asher once in a while? Guess so. Well, so his Father's Day was a lot better than my Mother's Day. Went to Hacienda (Mexican Restaurant) and then to a cute little park in Boonville, IN to let Asher play in the water area. When we were done playing, it was 6:20 and the thermometer read 108 degrees outside! of course that was from a black car parked on pavement but still! whew! and humid on top of that!

Also, here's some of the progress I've made on my latest effort of painting terra cotta pots. This one is going to be poppies and I think I may make the next one black eyed susies.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hot one today!

whew! it's hot out there today! Gonna try to make it to the WC Handy Blues Fest sometime today or tomorrow.  

Here's some sketches of cars I did this morning for a little folding money $

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Tip I want to share

Have you been suffering along with all of us in south western Indiana with these dang Buffalo Knats? You know the ones that buzz around your face and eyes and try to fly up your nose and ears? I just got a tip from a farmer that farms the land around our property. He said mix 1:1 vanilla extract and water in a sprayer and spray yourself. He said he uses the artificial vanilla and you may have to spray yourself a couple times a hour, but he swears it works! 

This may however wreak havoc on any kind of diet I'm on, since I will walk around smelling like a cupcake.  I asked him if it attracted any other bugs, but he just laughed when I mentioned the cupcake thing.

Luckily those nasty little bastards have only a 3 week life span and they are pretty much gone here now, but I will definitely be using this trick next spring.


gonna be a hot and humid one today! I've put off getting groceries as long as possible. guess I'll be hitting Wal-Hell today. ugh.

Well I got some work done on some of my art projects I've got going right now, just need to make sure I finish them.  I think I'm going to paint some poppies on the pots that I primed and paint faces on the plant markers my husband cut out for me and I painted yesterday.

I'm getting ready to go outside and transplant some flowers to sell in the Farmer's Market this weekend! (even though the moon is in Aries, not a good planting sign) but, this is when I have the time. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy Monday

I'm working on a new idea for plant markers. My husband just made a wooden piece for it, will post a pic when finished. I also am painting on terra cotta pots. Coming up with some cute stuff to sell for the Farmer's Markets I attend.

Speaking of Farmer's Markets... the rain just keeps coming! I hope I'll be able to attend the Mt. Vernon, IN market tomorrow. I've got some plants for sale (heirloom tomato plants, pepper plants, cypress vine, and others) along with my artwork and I'll be taking Daryl's handmade bird houses.
Here is a link to Daryl's Woodshed website: http://www.darylswoodshed.com

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday! but it really doesn't matter

I'm working on a "couples" Photomontage. Unfortunately the pictures given to me to work with aren't the best, but I'm confident I can make it look good.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Added photos of work to my twitter acct

I  just posted some work and work in progress to my twitter account. If you would like to check me out and maybe follow, I'm
artsyfartsyme on Twitter

This is from my sketch book and I'm thinking of doing something with it.  Perhaps an ACEO?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I must be going crazy

Well today I thought the Farmers Market started and yeah, unfortunately I drug all my stuff out there and it starts next Tuesday! at least I'm ready a whole week ahead this time... ha ha  I could've sworn my letter said today but sadly as I re-read it for the umpteenth time, there it is in black and white next Tuesday. I seriously think I'm losing touch with reality. I think it's my husbands fault. Mr. Negativity. He's got me stressed out to the point where I am thinking he's right. He can't be right! right?

Here is my my latest Etsy addition... "Winged Warrior" my drawing of a colorful dragon ready for battle. I drew this with Prisma Colors and then scanned it in and did some extra touches in Photoshop. This is actually not the whole dragon, I am thinking of doing the whole dragon in a triptic (I think that's what they're called)

oyi. I need to have a margarita and go create something. cheers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Heirloom tomato plants

I forgot to mention that I am giving my first ever speech to a bunch of inner city kids about the joys of Heirloom tomatoes Wednesday at Willard Library. I am excited and nervous. I am the so called "expert". yikes! I'm no expert but I sure love heirloom tomatoes! I grew and sold 6 varieties this year and will expand to more varieties next year, as this has been a success! Hopefully the kids will be kind...


so I'm trying to think of something terribly interesting to say and must admit, I'm at a loss. what is interesting enough in my life that someone else would want to hear about? 

i've recently signed up for a site called linkreferral.com recommended from my friend, Roxie ( http://www.wix.com/rdon47630/RBR ) and it's interesting so far. I guess that I'm getting some hits at least. if you have any kind of site that you want to draw some traffic to, check it out. too early to give an opinion as to if it is generating buying customers.

i'm thinking of trying on ebay, not sure. so busy now that i'm not sure i've got the time. starting up this week are 2 farmer's markets that i'll be attending as much as possible - mt vernon, IN and New Harmony, IN

my show last saturday turned out bad. descent turnout, but i had a loss because a big gust of wind came up and blew 5 of my pieces to the ground shattering them and busting up the frames. very upsetting. one step forward, two steps back... that's the way it goes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

today sucked

today was kinda a disaster. art exhibit wasn't very eventful other than the wind swept 5 of my montages off the display and they came crashing down shattering into pieces. 

note to self: conjure up a spell to slow the wind during shows (i wish i could!)

so this show ended up costing me big time. so today sucks so far. 

Friday, June 5, 2009

night before the art exhibit

I'm getting ready for the Brinker's Art Exhibit tomorrow. I have never been prepared for a show this fast, I must be getting better at these shows. yay :)  !! Just need to make up a gift certificate to offer for the auction and a couple of new signs and I'm done. already got the car packed. 

going to town again!

yet another trip to town today, now I know that shouldn't be that big of deal but when you're toting around a 3 year old, let me rephrase that a very spirited 3 year old it becomes an ordeal. Yesterday I was in town and getting ready to drive home the 25 miles and decided to to torture myself at Walmart to run in and out - yeah right.  

this trip is to go into get a double mat for my latest Photomontage, a beautiful 25th Anniversary of the cutest couple from Pennsylvania. I searched all over yesterday for one without any luck. I got smart and just called around today and found a great frame shop that will cut one for me for the low low price of $8! That would be Inman's, a fairly new Frame shop that has fabulous mats. at least from what I could see through the window last night! I missed the closing time by 15 min. so if you're in Evansville, I recommend Inman's.
I've got to go to bed, but I'm excited about the sidewalk art exhibit that I will be in this Saturday. If you're in my area, it's at Brinker's Jewelers on Greenriver Rd. Lots of work to do before then!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

foggy morning mind

oyi! I stayed up too late last night creating my new  blog and now I'm draggin.  My son has decided that he now prefers to sleep with us and I have no cover no sheet and about 8" to sleep on. Plus, I get to be kicked all night, yay! oh boy, what have we started.

busy day today, going to town to do my grandma's hair, running errands and trying to get in last minute to a sidewalk art show this Saturday.

Dang Cat!

doesn't my cat know that I am concentrating on starting up my new blog?! obviously not, as she is continuing to do that very annoying pawing on the door as if I'd actually let her out!  pffhhh!

Well, anyway... Hi! and welcome to my blog. I need a place to vent and this is just as good as any. My name is Jaime, I'm a stay at home mom and I have a spirited 3 year old son, named Asher;  a usually very placid 17 year old cat named Glove, and an aging 10 1/2 year old Husky sweetheart of a dog named Banshee. Oh and a 40 year old grouchy husband, Daryl. All this keeps my life busy as I try and try to pursue life as "working" artist and not a "starving" artist. So far, I'm more of a starving artist I must admit. Good thing Daryl still has a job!

Speaking of the economy, maybe that's the reason I am a starving artist and not a fat and happy artist. well, maybe I'm a fat and happy artist too, but it ain't from selling my art! I'd hate to think that my work just really isn't interesting enough to sell, but I may need to come to that conclusion another day. ahh but for now, I'm a happy idiot! as they say ignorance is bliss, yes it is. Not that that would actually stop me from creating more art, cause it won't but my house is getting a little piled up and the hubs would like to see it cleared out (read: clean).

Who has time to clean when it's gloriously summertime outside?! not me! As a matter of fact I think I need a housewife to take care of that stuff that takes up too much of my precious time as it is! My husband and I have very different cleaning styles. He is a stacker and a hider. If someone is coming over, he starts stacking stuff and cramming it into the laundry room or wherever he deems necessary. I'm more of a procrastinator. I set stuff on the stairs to take up later and then annoyingly have to step over the junk on the way up! My philosophy is more mellow. Hey, if they know me then they know I'm inclined to be a bit of a mess. If they don't know me, well then no time like the present to find out.  Besides, isn't that a sign of a brilliant, creative mind? haha or maybe that is a sign of a slightly crazy mind. Daryl has threatened to put me in a rubber room. oh well. I've been this way forever, so I doubt he's going to be changing me any time too soon. If he doesn't like it, well then there are plenty of chairs outside, and it's summertime, remember?


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