Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stealing Moments

Here's a picture of my beautiful mother and myself. I think I took this the day she got to go home from the hospital. I am feeling so overwhelmed these days. I feel guilty taking this time to blog and putt around on the internet while my son naps. I have to hit the Walmart when he wakes up, oh joy. I have so much housework that needs to be caught up on, but I am tired and wish for how it used be, before we knew Mom had cancer. When I spent my time luxuriously surfing the net or creating art and not worrying about her and whether I am spending enough time with her. I live 45 minutes away so it's not easy to just pop on over, especially with my wild child. When I am at my parents house, I am clearing out rooms that have accumulated lots and lots of stuff from an admitted "hoarder".  All the while, trying to keep reins on my kid who is increasingly wilder as the day goes by especially if he has not had a nap. My dad is still working full time and now is also dealing with this cancer. He relies on me to help with things, it is daunting. He doesn't have much patience for the antics of a 3 year old either. More stress.  Oh my gosh, I just realized how much of a whiner I sound like! I should be grateful for everyday I get to be with her and not worry about my petty little inconveniences. Tell that to my 3 year old who doesn't understand why he can't play outside and just stay home anymore!

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