Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday again!

We went to the quad races at the Vanderburgh County Fair this week and here is a cute picture of Asher and Daryl. It was Asher's first time and he was so excited! He keeps asking me if we are going back to see the motorcycles race next. We're not, they got rained out, but we might try to go to the demo derby Saturday night if it doesn't get rained out. He will flip out for that! He has made car noises ever since he could blow bubbles as a baby. His motor never quits.

I've been thinking of trying to pick up a paint brush and pencil again when I have a few moments instead of vegging on the couch... we'll see. I have all kinds of ideas floating in my head.

Mom and I went to church Wednesday night. It was very moving. Brother Roger Tab is the pastor at Grace Assembly and gave a fantastic sermon. Mom was annointed with oil and prayed for and I had such a feeling of peace afterwards. God was moving that night. I believe He has healed her and choose not to believe anything different. Only God knows what our future holds for us, after all it is all in His plan.

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