Friday, June 1, 2012

iCAD #1

JaimeHaney2012iCAD1 by Jaime Haney
JaimeHaney2012iCAD1, a photo by Jaime Haney on Flickr.
Here's my first icad (index card a day) and I am sliding and screeching in on two wheels but I made it.


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  2. Well if this isn't screeching in on two wheel IN STYLE I don't know what is. This card made me laugh out loud, great job on it.

  3. I so love this! Food chain!

  4. really put a smile on my face with this one... so cute! enjoy the moments in the journey...

  5. duuuuude. (I'm turning into my son). that is EPIC.
    and by my count you got this posted more than 3 hours early. I finished mine at 11:50PM, scanned it, and posted my blog entry at 11:59. talk about seat of the pants productions.

  6. I am a big fan of fish (to draw, paint and eat). I love index card - it made me smile!

  7. This one made me laugh out loud! Fun card and great colors!


  8. Ha ha! This made me laugh - really awesome!


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