Thursday, March 11, 2010


So I've been thinking lately I want chickens. Hubs said no way. :(


  1. chickens ... like real chickens? as pets?

  2. Ha ha Luthien you are so funny! Yes, I mean like real chickens, but not so much as pets. To have around the yard and for their... well there's no pretty way to put it... their poop. It's great compost. I have always liked the idea of having chickens walking around but in reality, it probably would be more work and aggravation than anything. Plus the coyotes would probably get them out where I live.

  3. Oh how funny... I've been considering chickens for about a year now. We've talked about where and how, but we just haven't done it. They are marvelous for their poop, of all things, and you can build raised up structures for them that you can tote around your garden so their poop drops into the soil and works its magic. And to me, there's something a little romantic about having chickens in the yard. We'd have to have a large fenced in area for them though, to keep our own dog and cat, and neighboring critters away. You know if we do it, I'll post about it on my blog, but don't hold your breath; I'm not.

  4. Hi Jaime,
    I hope he changes his mind, chickens are so much fun!! My grandmother used to have chickens on her farm when I was a kid and we would play with them all of the time. We even had one that used to calmly swing in a hammock with us! She was so tame that one.

  5. thanks for your comments everyone. sometimes I get romantic notions in my head and they never seem to be quite what I thought. but I'm so glad you all have encouraging words for me! I still really like the idea of having chickens though.

  6. Oh I love the idea of having chickens, we would if we could. Yes, there's the added work but think of the benefits - on bugs, whoot! Of course those coyotes might be an issue.
    Nothing wrong with romantic notions ~ life needs more of them. ;)


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