Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet our newest family member - Zoey!

Well, things usually work out like this for me and never as planned. I had plans to get Shena, she was my first pick from the get go... but things changed and I'm so happy (so far) with Zoey. Let me share my story with you...

If you've been reading along, you know that Asher and I went to meet and hopefully adopt Shena yesterday. She turned out to be full size and 6 months older than her picture, but I accepted that in my hour long visit. What I couldn't shake and through no fault of that sweet girl Shena, was that she was part Pit Bull mix. I know, I know for those Pit Bull lovers out there, there is a horrible misconception about these super intelligent creatures, but I just couldn't get over it. My baby and my adult life long cat's life were possibly at steak here and I just tossed and turned last night in bed and barely got any sleep just worried to death about this dog. I felt committed to her, I still do to an extent but in the end I had to go with my gut. I pray she finds a home and real soon. I really hate to think about this animal being put down.

I met Zoey's foster family tonight about 7:45 pm for the first time and they are really great genuine, truthful, no holds bar, good kinda people. I felt immediately at ease and fell in love instantly with Zoey. She was calm and friendly, no jumping no barking just curious and happy to see us. I think I knew the instant I reached down and touched her soft coat that she would be joining our family. Asher loved her, but also loved the foster family's cute daughter named Chevy, they were just a year apart and screamed and played in between playing and hugging Zoey. We went to just visit Zoey tonight not intending to bring her home but everything felt right and fell into place and I guess Asher and I passed "the test" to the foster family. There was another lady that wanted Zoey, but she lives in an apartment with no yard and they had to make the best decision for Zoey. I'm so glad things worked out. God always has a plan, now I just hope that my husband will fall in love with her, too.

Asher was so cute telling Zoey what each room was. He talks to her like she is his buddy. "This is my room Zoey, this is mom's room, here's the bathroom Zoey". Too cute, I wish I had it recorded, oh well.

I have to report that she needs work on a leash and needs better car riding manners but we can work on those. She hurried through the house sniffing and wagging the whole time. Glove, my cat, of course vacated the vicinity. She has lots of safe havens for her to escape to. They have plenty of time to "meet" and honestly, I get the best feeling from this. I'm just sure they will get along, I'm not afraid for her safety at all with Zoey. Glove is sleeping at my feet as I write this, so she's not mad like I thought she would be. As a matter of fact, she has already helped herself to Zoey's food. I may need to stop that, you just don't mess with a girl's food ya know. Plus if something would set Zoey off, I would think her food would be the only thing. We'll see... in a controlled situation.

I set up Zoey's "den" (crate) and put in her brand new fuzzy and soft pad and Asher had to add one of his baby blankets for her "to put her head on" and soon after checking out her new surroundings, we put her to bed. I plan to crate her at night and that is what the foster family did as well, so it's working out perfectly (so far). Granted it's only been about an hour since I put both Asher and Zoey down, they both did excellent. Zoey wimpered a little but I think she got the idea. I turned all the lights down low and put a sheet over most of the openings on her crate and as ASher fell asleep she calmed down and is being quiet and I hope has fallen asleep. Daryl will be home any minute now and I'm nervous, but I think things will smooth out once he sees what a good girl she is. Think positive thoughts for me!


  1. Congratulations! That second picture is priceless!

  2. What a nice surprise! she has the sweetest little face, and you have to go with your gut when picking your pet...she will be with you for a long time. I know the other one you were leaning towards is probably a sweet baby too, but if you were worried about it, it's best you chose this one instead. There's a reason it turned out this way, Zoey was meant to be yours.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I too prefer blogs that have more than just art. I like to know the people behind the blog, so keep doing what you're doing :-)
    yes I am a big plant nut, I've filled the window in my kitchen and hallway with plants, and if I had more light in my living room, I would buy even more. They bring life to a home, and at this point in time, I can truly appreciate them more.
    thanks for the suggestions on my new shop name, I'm keeping everything in mind, lol, because I haven't come up with anything yet :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, Jaime! No wonder you brought Zoey home! What a precious baby. And I love love love those photos of Asher with her... look at that wonderful delight on his face! I'm smiling all the way from NC! Good luck with all the new-family-member goings-on, but I'm sure it will all be just fine in no time! Thanks soooo much for sharing... this was a nice treat for me today!

  4. What a gorgeous dog! Such a sweetheart. Congratulations on your new family addition. Asher and Zoey look to be fast friends. How could your hubby NOT fall in love with that adorable face. Theresa


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