Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I read a blogger friends post this evening (Heather T's Memoirs) and was inspired to share my feelings here now.

Isn't it funny how we have little realizations in life? As a mommy to an energetic little boy, I get irritated at times (too often and too fast) and think of things as a hassle... but then I realize... I'm going to miss this. This time with him has already gone so fast! I just can't believe it and soon my time as the Mommy and his entire world will be 2nd fiddle to his life. All I can do is pray. Pray for wisdom to have more of these realizations! My mom always told me to not pray for patience! So I pray for wisdom. What do you pray for?


  1. I sweet girl~
    Right now I am praying for cooler weather and praying my bathroom gets finished soon. I am sick of bathing in the swimming pool!!


  2. What a wonderful photo! Asher and your pup sure have become fast friends. :) What do I pray for? I just pray to be happy. Theresa

  3. that is such an innocent and heartwarming picture ... and you are right, time flies and before you know it, they'll be leaving the nest. i am guilty of being the least patient mom as well and constantly feel sorry about it... sigh ..

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  5. Yes, they grow so fast! My boy was a toddler yesterday and in a couple of weeks he's turning 16. scary!
    I pray for my kids to always make good decisions.

    Great picture!


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