Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Giveaway! Sisterhood of the Traveling Book

I've so excited to talk about this little give away I'm offering today and I'll let the giveaway go until Thursday so I can mail it out Friday. It's not a huge deal or anything but I've been trying to purge lately and get rid of things that I don't use any more just to try to make my life a little simpler.  Hah!

I'm calling this giveaway "Sisterhood of the Traveling Book"... so here we have a book called "Making room for making art" "A thoughtful and practical guide to bringing the pleasure of artistic expression back into your life." By Sally Warner. It has pictures (black and white) and is an easy read. It has 208 pages not including the appendixes and notes.

Here's what Sally has written on the back:
"I hope that this book will help break through some of the isolation every artist faces by exploring how we as artists discover our art, how we continue to discover it, and how we keep making that art, in spite of everything. Artist momentum can be regained and vision sustained."

So no fancy rules, you don't even have to follow me, but just like OWOH, please have a blog. Just comment here that you indeed want the book and have intentions of reading it. You don't need to pour your heart out here, just post something. I plan to use a random generator so it doesn't care how much you need it or want it right now.  I do ask for one thing though... pay it forward with this book. Have your own giveaway with this very book when you're done with it. This book is interesting but not something that you need for reference and I don't have the desire to read it again and I think most who read it will agree. I got out of it what I needed, so it's ready to inspire someone else :)

I will probably write a tiny bit in it and doodle or send along a doodle with it, I think it would be cool if everyone who receives this book included a little piece of themselves with it, that is a piece of their art. Nothing extravagant. Just a note of encouragement or a favorite quote, poem, maybe a tiny sketch or something like that. Insert a loose page if you need or want. Try not to disfigure the book or tear pages out of it or paint over the writing. I want people to be able to read it. But the blank area is up for grabs! Please know this book is geared towards artists and re-kindling your muse so to speak, so if you don't create any "art" you might not find this book interesting. But you don't have to be a painter or illustrator to get something out of this book, just a creative type and a want to poke the muse bear. If you just want to say "hey Jaime this is a great idea, but I don't want the book" please don't. I love to read your comments but to keep it easier for me to pick the winner don't post here. Feel free to email me with your comment or leave that comment on another post.  :)

As I write this, it just came to me that how neat it would be to track the book. Maybe whoever gets the book could let the previous owners know with an email? I don't know, some may not like that but I think it's kinda cool. I'll include my info and I want to be contacted if you decide to go to the trouble.

Like that movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Where four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly. Ok, so this isn't a pair of jeans but the concept is kinda the same. We pass this book onto one another along with a thought, doodle, whatever... alright I may be reaching here. Do what you want, if you want to leave your email or blog in the book for others to contact you do it, if you don't want that then don't. There. Easy peasy. I hope people will do this, I wish that I could see the book as it goes through all the creative people and I hope that I will see it in your blogs and webpages. Kinda like when you take a picture of your sketch book and post it, same thing. If I am contacted with additions to the book I plan to add a tab to my blog linking to each and every post and hopeful add pictures of some of the stuff that's been added. I am so excited to think what this could turn into!!! So please don't rain on my parade. ;)

This has turned out waaaayy longer than I intended, I'm sorry. This is world wide giveaway, but please know it's written in English. :)

Let it begin.

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  1. Interesting idea! I would like to read this book, and I'm willing to pass it on!

  2. Hi there, this is a great idea! I think this book would do me some good right now! I'm struggling still with my flower paintings I can't seem to get onto canvas what is in my head. I shall pass this on too if I am lucky to win! :0)

  3. Now this sounds fun! Please count me in!

  4. Hi Jaime - I think this is a super-duper fantastic idea... magical even. I hope this book finds me at some point during it's journey...

  5. I love the idea! I'll definitely read it, and pass it along when I'm done. Count me in!


  6. This sounds fun. I'm always looking for new ways to add to my artistic life and I'm sure this book would give me a few ideas to help.

  7. Jaime, what a COOL idea! I'd LOVE to win this book, as at present I'm in a blue funk with certain aspects of my art. I need a pinch some days. Those would be the days that Flamenco music isn't playing! :-)
    And I'd love to play it forward if I win! Can't think of a better idea!
    Hugs, Diane

  8. I love the title of your book giveaway..Sisterhood of the Traveling book is what brought me here through Priti Lisa's blog.
    Thanks so much..please count me in for the giveaway.

  9. What a fabby idea, I'd love to play if you don't mind that I'm in the UK. Am already playing in another Pass the Book thingy too which you might want to check out, Sian posts a new book every month. This was the post from the one I was lucky enough to recieve. Such a fun wat to discover new books and share the love of them :)

  10. Yes count me in. This is such a clever idea. I would love to read the book and then pass it on. Doodling in the book is a great idea too.

  11. This looks like a great book, Jaime. I love the idea of doodling and adding a bit of you into it before passing it on. Please add me to the drawing ! Cheers !

  12. What a fabulous idea! I can ALWAYS use inspiration! Thanks, Jaime. :) Theresa

  13. I'm in. After this, let's do a blank book round-robin...I always wanted to do one.
    xo, Jaime, xo

  14. This sounds like FUN! Please count me in:)

  15. I love this idea too.. and would love to read and pass it on too.. very cool idea leaving something in it too..

  16. What a clever idea, count me in if I am not too late :) T.

  17. Jamie,
    I love this idea! I've seen the book at B&N but have not bought it. I can always use inspiration & a look into someone else's way of looking at art. I think it's a great thing to pass it on, write something inside & see how far the book can travel. I'd be honored to be a part of it all!


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