Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Goodbye Buster Brown :(

I've had an awful day today. I said to goodbye to a new furry family member. I didn't even get a chance to introduce everyone to Buster Brown, a stray kitty that found me. Now it's a memorial for the sweet boy that could've been. I took these pictures when I found him the first day with my phone, just down the road from our house a little ways. I saw him lying in the gravel and I stopped and rolled my window down and talked to him. He talked back and then came out from under the brush, not scared of the van running with me saying "kitty kitty kitty".

Today, sadly, I took him to the vet because the last few days he has looked not well at all. He's not been eating for a few days and the last time I saw him drink was Monday. When I found him he looked as though a dog or something had got a hold of his tail. It was missing fur and had bite marks. He was not holding it up, but it did move. I washed it with peroxide and sprayed it with Bactine. I figured it would heal on its own in time.

He ate hardy for a few days and drank a lot. Then he dissappeared for a couple days. When he returned, he didn't look as spry. He slept most of the time and I thought maybe his tail was infected. So I gave him some antibiotics I had and hoped he would bounce back. This morning was the 4th dose of the antibiotics and he looked as worse as ever. I noticed his mouth and tongue were yellow and he was dehydrated. He smelled strange, sickly. I stewed and worried for a while as to what to do. I called people I thought could give me answers and finally took him into the vet. Money is a little tight and I was holding off on this. I finally decided I could not take it anymore and would just put in on the credit card.

When it was our turn, the vet was shocked at how weak he was. Buster was in liver failure. It might've been kidney failure, I honestly can't remember in between sobs. He told me there was a 90% chance this cat would die in a couple days. He said that if it were his cat, he'd put Buster down. With a heavy heart, I decided Buster shouldn't suffer any longer. It broke my heart to say yes, and as the vet walked out of the room to get the papers ready for me to sign, Buster got up off the table and walked over to me and touched his head to my chest. I was blubbering by now and the vet couldn't understand me as I asked him was he sure this was the right thing to do. I can't help but feel Buster was getting up to get close to me as to say don't do it. My friend comforted me later and said maybe that was Buster's way of thanking me. I still don't know and it's eating at me. I've done nothing but cry all day. I've got Asher upset because he sees me crying and I didn't lie to him when he asked why the pet carrier was in the van. It's just been a rotten day. I know I could've let nature take its course, but I just couldn't bare to watch him slowly die.

Even though I knew Buster Brown only a very short time, I can't help but feel so devastated.  I just can't stand it that I couldn't do anything to save this kitty. The vet said his tail was not the reason why he was so sick. He thought maybe feline leukemia or feline aids possibly. That's why it's so important to get our pets the shots they should have. I know most of you are like me and think of our pets as family.  So today I am mourning my Buster Brown. Sweet kitty, good bye.

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  1. Aww Jaime.. am so sorry.. it is so painful to lose a pet... they are so truly part of the family.. but I think you did the right thing.. poor thing shouldn't have to suffer... thoughts and prayers...

  2. Oh Jaime, I'm so sorry. I know it's heart-breaking. After reading, this, I'm in tears myself. Huge hugs from the young'un of the Sistahhood.

  3. Jamie, I am so sorry.
    I can just send you a big hug and wish for your pain to fade soon.
    It's so sad.
    Lots of love,

  4. Jaime, I know exactly how you feel and am sending you big hugs. I have to say reading about him bumping you in the chest, my first immediate thought was just like your friend, he's saying thank you for everything and goodbye. Not for one second do I think he was asking you to prolong what was happening to him. They know. As a teen, when my cat was dying from kidney failure the night before we took her to the vets she spent the whole night with me on my bed, she struggled up the stairs and I had to lift her up. I swear she knew she was leaving me and was saying goodbye. You did absolutely the right thing and he knew it - he was so lucky to have met you when he did.

  5. So, so sorry, Jaime that this happened- I know how heartbreaking it is to lose one of your pets no matter how long he was part of your family. I too think he was saying "thank you" and trying to tell you that it would be ok.
    BIG hugs,

  6. Oh Jamie--I'm so sorry. Pets are most definitely a part of the family and when we loose one, it's very very sad. My daughter and son-in-law are going through a tough time with their dog--it's VERY upsetting for them. And I have a very sick turtle here (going on 5 weeks) Thank God I finally found a very good reptile doctor--yes--you can get VERY VERY attached to these little guys too. My thoughts are with you.

  7. This is soooo sad! It hits me even more than most people because I found my cat Olivia as a stray and she is also a brown tabby, with green eyes though. She was luckier. Now she is an indoor, spoiled cat. You did the right thing to not let him suffer. As the vet said he probably had feline lukemia or something that was fatal. You didn't let him suffer and yes I think he was thanking you. There are not many people in the world like are an angel. :-)

  8. Oh Jamie. I'm so sorry. It is so very hard losing a family pet member. Try not to cry so much because I do think Buster Brown went up to you for a reason. You helped him as best you could and Buster was just thanking you for probably sparing him from more pain. ::hugs:: to you Janie and you are a very good person. Any person who loves their family pet members a thumbs up to you. Take care dear. I know Buster Brown is resting in peace and with his mommy.

  9. Buster Brown was a very lucky kitty to have you to care for him even if it was for just a short time. I'm with the others in the idea that he was thanking you.

  10. Jaime, I am so sorry to hear about Buster Brown. It is always heart breaking to have to have a pet put down. But it sounds like it was the best decision and just think of all the love you were able to share with him in his last few days.

    Love is such a powerful thing :)

    I wanted to let you know I actually managed to get my "Sisterhood" posting up today, sorry it has taken so long :(

    Have a restful evening, T. :)

  11. It was so sad to read about Buster Brown cat. He touched your life, and you his, in the short time since you found him. You did the best you could for him Jaime. RIP were loved!

  12. Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love, sympathy and understanding for the loss of my Buster Brown.

    Today has been sad, as I have cleaned up and removed the little things that he used... a soft kitty bed, his liter, food and water. :( It is hard. I've had a lump in my throat most the day.


  13. I am so sorry you had to go through this, Jaime. I think that Buster must have found you just when he needed you to help him transition through to the other side. Sending hugs and love to you as you go through the mourning.

  14. Hi Jaime,
    I'm so sorry about your cat. He was so cute and you are so sweet that you took him in and cared for him so well.
    I was a Vet Assistant for about 15 years and it always was so hard to put a pet down. I worked for the Humane Society and there were so many strays that never had homes or love.
    You gave this little guy some love and friendship in his time of need. If it weren't for you he would have died in pain and alone.
    He was lucky to have met you, even if it was for a short while.

  15. Oh Jaime, I am so sorry to hear about Buster. I know it was very hard, but it was for the best. I agree with your friend - I think Buster thanked you. Our furry babies cannot tell us what ails them - so they do it the best way they can. Take comfort in the fact that you got to be with Buster and show him a loving way of life even for just a little while. xoxo Theresa

  16. Take comfort in the knowledge that you made Buster Brown's last days good ones. He was loved and spared the lonely death of so many animals. Pets know when it is their time to go. Buster was saying thank you and goodbye when he got up to be near you. Oreo did the same thing for us. She didn't feel like sitting with us on her last night, but she stayed close and we treasure those moments. She knew what was coming and comforted us as other pets have done in the past. Buster was lucky to have you help him to a better place. Bless you!

  17. I think it is ironic that the "word verification" for my comment was "momies". You are a great "momie" to Asher and your furry kids!

  18. I was in tears when I finished reading your post. You are a wonderful person, Jaime. Your kindness for others will be mirrored back to you. ♥


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