Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time Crazy

Hey Mom! Look at this!
Hey people! Things are just busy and crazy and I'm running here and there. I am so behind on blogging, I just haven't been in the mood. I haven't even created anything for weeks. I have been reading some instructional books and am plenty inspired but not taking time to do anything. I don't know where the time is going.

Summer gets here and I'm outside so much and swimming lessons for Asher 3 days a week, the Farmers Market the other 2 days plus Saturday! I really can't use that as an excuse though... I've only been going to the one on Thursdays. I took my little man with me each time. He has mixed emotions about it... haha. He was actually trying to sell my magnets this last time, so cute. He tells me that it was sorta fun, but if his daddy asks him then he says it wasn't very fun. No choice though due to schedules. It won't kill him and hopefully he'll inherit my entrepreneurial spirit.

I am so unorganized that getting everything together has been a chore and my husband doesn't want me to leave my things out, where getting it all back in the van would be so much easier! Instead I have to trudge it all back upstairs, boxes and bags this and that. I really ought to streamline my booth. I'm about done selling the tomato plants, they take up so much room and are a hassle to take back and forth to the markets because they've gotten so big but I can't hardly give them up, they're like my babies... haha

1st Day of Farmers Market in Wadesville and my little salesmen
I had a scare this weekend with Asher. We all went out to eat Saturday night and my husband was rubbing on ASher's neck and discovered a lump. I freaked out. This kinda shit always happens on a weekend doesn't it? I had to wait to this morning to call the doctor. She got us in this morning and eased my mind right away. She asked if he recently had a tick and he had. In fact it worried me because it swelled up the next morning quite a bit and stayed swollen for a about a week. I never linked the two. His lymph nodes were swollen and they are just basically doing their job. What a relief.

We have lots of ticks around here and it's rare that he comes in at night when he's outside all day to not have one crawling around on him. I've picked plenty off myself including a few in areas I'll not mention! I'm a bug smorgasbord. I've currently got chigger bites, mosquito bites and tick bites. Oh well, I'm just happy it's summer!
who's this cute little guy?

So what's going on with you all? Are you staying as busy as I am??
cute little guy

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  1. Time flies doesn't it! I can't believe it's already almost July....sheesh.
    Your tomato plants look great, so healthy!
    I'm glad to hear Asher is ok, it's so scary to find something not quite right on your child isn't it.
    I hope you and your family are having a fun summer, albeit a busy one. =)

  2. I used to go to craft shows with my oldest son when he was about Asher's age. I put a long table cloth on my table and some cushions under the table and told him it was a tent:) He'd play under there with his cars and sometimes even have a nap.

  3. How good it is to hear from you again! Hope the farmer's market has been successful! What a cute little frog - seems like he was curious to pay a visit with all of you. I was busy with blog parties and Faerie Day last week. Trying to catch up this week! Hope you and the family have a wonderful 4th!!!

  4. "Artsyfartsyme" has been included in the first edition of this years Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July. I hope this helps to attract many new customers.

  5. Jaime, you make me feel so much better. You could be describing us at the moment - no farmers market but run off our feet and days just keep dissapearinhg. So behind on blogging and blog reading. The mozzies love me too and I'm allergic to a certain kind of them so am running around spraying and swatting like crazy.

    Big hugs x x x


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