Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is your grass greener?

Do you ever think about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence? I do sometimes. It always cracks me up to see horses and cows stretching and creenin' their neck to eat a little something greener on the other side of the fence.

So my greener side of the fence is this: Since I'm almost in the throws of peek tomato season. They are just waiting to turn red (and yellow and mixed)! *squeals* and I am already eating them as they come in. I was wondering when tomato season was down south. I'm thinking they've got this yummy goodness all year round, right? While we hafta eat hard tasteless impostors from October through July. Up here in Zone 6b, it's a mad rush to get them in the ground about the last of April, pray for good rain but not too much and pray again to get maters by July 4th which I did this year - yay!  By September they are slowing down and kinda get a wonky taste by October if a early frost doesn't get em first.

Mom used to pick all her green ones before a frost and put 'em in brown paper bags and we'd have tomatoes till almost Christmas if we rationed them. To her and I a feast during the summer was cornbread, fried potatoes, doctored up pork n beans and a big plate full of garden fresh tomatoes. Oh man, that is making my mouth water just thinking about it. Heaven!

Off to go paint something in my Sistah hood books :)
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  1. Our season in Georgia doesn't last much longer than yours- we probably start getting tomatoes about a month before you and then they go till the frost...And one of our family's favorite treats is fried green tomatoes- SO good with a roasted pepper sauce and goat cheese- and now *I'm * getting hungry!
    Can't wait to see what you're doing in the sketchbook!

  2. We've been getting a lot of tomatoes, chili's, squash, cucumbers and other. Love it when this happens. Enjoy your sketchbook.

  3. neighbor shares his garden treats with us, I have never been able to grow good veggies so I just stick to flowers!

  4. My grass is practically burned up from the heat! I have always wanted to grow tomatoes and have tried many times, but alas, my thumb is far from green and they either come out the size of cherries (and they are supposed to be beefsteaks) or just don't grow at all on spindly little stalks. My solutions is to buy a box of them from Costco! :-)


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