Thursday, July 28, 2011

Work in progress - Sistahood of the traveling sketchbooks

I haven't had a chance yet to post this, well actually I was hoping to get more done on it before I posted this but oh well here is some artwork that I've managed to create in the midst of gardening mayhem for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks. Canning jars are cooling behind me as I write this. More beans. And more work is to be done on this tonight (hopefully).

Here is another shot, including my feet... hee hee

This is for a June installment in Kathy's book. I've gotta crank out July as quick as I can... we're a little behind due to the Canadian Post Office strike.

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  1. These are gorgeous- I love both the roses and the way you placed them across the pages!

  2. Your flowers are stunning. Great traveling sketchbook. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  3. I'm not a big fan of pink, but these flowers are truly beautiful. You've blended various tints to create a realistically gorgeous piece. I can almost smell their gently sweet scent. Very nice!

  4. I totally love these roses, truly perfect. I'm jealous they're in someone else's sketchbook!!!!!

  5. Gorgeous Jaime!! Looking forward to seeing more of it!

    Just got and sent off the June book last week (and posted it on my blog).

    The books are looking great!

  6. How gorgeous, Jaime! I can't wait to see more pages!!! :)

  7. found you through my friend Kim -- your flowers look life like..better than the real deal!

  8. ooh Jaime... these gorgeous roses are in my book??? I love them, they are so lifelike so happy they're in my book... wow... you sure have been busy with the canning..I loved doing that... lots of work but so lovely to have that taste in winter.. yum...I did do a jar of refrigerator pickles the other night...haha..(so does not count as canning!)


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