Friday, March 2, 2012

Finished Oil Painting of Magnolias and sugar bowl

Hi everyone! I'm joining in PPF again :) Glad you could make it here. Today I'm sharing my first oil painting that I think is finished. I think. I fixed it from the first time I posted it - at least as best as I can now. (See the first jacked up one here) I'm loving the oils so far.

Have you tried oils? Or do you work in them often? I'd love any tips and/or advice you can offer :) Make sure to visit all the Party Goers at Paint Party Friday. Woo Hoo!

Stay safe today all my peeps who are in the large area that is expecting strong storms today with tornadoes (which includes me - YIKES!) Unfortunately, some of my near by areas was hit by the Leap Day tornadoes where people's lives were lost. My prayers are with the people suffering through devastation right now. They are in the storms path again. Harrisburg, Illinois is just 54 miles from me and they were hit hard with a F4 tornado and Newburgh, Indiana which is about 37 miles away got hit with an F1. Thankfully no lives were lost there. I have many friends living there. Keep an eye on the sky.

Have a great weekend.
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  1. Wow, this painting is beautiful. It's so delicate and I love the colours... I've never tried oils...Fantastic for a first. Happy PPF :)

  2. The painting turned out lovely!

    Have a fabulous and safe weekend with no tornadoes!

  3. Your oil painting is gorgeous... such lovely soft flowers...
    Wishing you a CALM weekend (without any tornadoes!) Stay safe and happy PPF! xoxo

  4. Love your amazing Magnolia Jaime. Very nicely done. I do use oil crayons, no mess. Thank you for your nice comment at my blog. My mom is doing okay, just have to go over there to help out more often now. Thank you much. Excellent work. Happy PPF!

  5. i have not worked in oils but your painting is inspiring me to try. so many shades of white captured in your magnolia... and beautifully offset by the green sugar bowl!

  6. REally nice - it's a treat to see some oils in among the acrylics and watercolors on PPF.

  7. Excellent oil painting ~ colors, design ~ wonderful ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. That is a beautiful painting. I love magnolias! Hope you are safe there. We are having huge rainstorms here - all the way up in MI.

  9. we're supposed to get strong winds in the Toronto area too, always a scary thought.

    beautiful oil painting!

  10. hope you and yours are safe and sound tonight. love what you've done with your oil painting! -Karen

  11. Enjoying the details of your flower work .... so soft and beautiful. Wonderful!

  12. I love favorite medium. You have to layer them starting out with thin to thick. Allow each layer to dry down a bit before adding a new one. Thin layers or glazing as it's known, stick to thick layers when the paint is still wet. Your painting is beautiful! Looks like you have it down fine. Have fun!!

  13. Really like this...expecially the perspective in the composition!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  14. Beautiful creamy textures, love your painting. Stay safe. Happy PPF, x

  15. This is outstanding Jaime--I don't think I'd have the patience for oil paints...but they're so beautiful though.
    Hope the weather is better for you now--be safe.

  16. Hope you weather the storm successfully and safely.

    This turned out beautifully! You really captured those gorgeous magnolias wonderfully.

    P.S. Did you know you still have your word verification/captcha ON, Jaime?

  17. This is beautiful Jaime!! I love the greens and the magnolias are gorgeous! You're a natural at oils and I look forward to seeing many more in this medium.

    I hope you and everybody else stay safe and the weather calms down.

  18. Great job -- and prayers to the hard hit tornado path.

  19. Sugar and Magnolias go together. Beautiful. Blessings and Stay Safe. Janet PPF

  20. Hey Girl! Sorry I'm just now getting by! But here I am, and I totally agree that your Magnolia is finis- I love it! I really like the way you laid it all out on the canvas- beautifully done (you almost make me want to try oils....;))!
    And yah, we had a scary night Friday staying up til 1:00 am to make sure we didn't move out "tornado watch" group to the "tornado warning" folks....scary weather indeed! You stay safe too, sweet friend!

  21. Beautiful painting, love the composition and the soft colors.
    Keep safe! <3

  22. Your painting is fantastic, it feels sort of mysterious, like those blossoms and sugar bowl are in a house filled with secrets.

    Hope you escaped any bad weather.

  23. Composition, colour and style all beautifully rendered.
    Adore the detail in the flowers ....their centres are gorgeous, almost like they are real.
    A gorgeous oil!

  24. Hi ..wonderfully beautiful!! Such a gorgeous work!Your oils are looking fabulous...very stunning!! Popping in to say hi and catch your sweet kitty...and hope it gets better!
    Beautiful painting..totally awesome!!


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