Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Passing on some info and sharing some love

If you're like me, an artist trying to sell and market your work both online and in person, then you are probably reading all you can get your eyeballs on and taking away from it not only more confusion but also a sense of overwhelming despair that none of this is ever going to make sense or that you'll never have enough time to do it let alone keep creating more artwork.

Well, here's a little bit more to add to your arsenal of selling online 101's. And I do mean arsenal. But, fear not! This one is short and sweet and FREE and it makes sense. It not only explains the how but more importantly, the why. This is not rocket science people and sometimes just a friendly nudge from someone who sounds like they are successful and seems to know what they are doing all the while offering up some free tidbits of advice... well hot damn! Sign me up!

You can read this in literally 12 minutes and it's pleasing to look at. Seems pretty doable as well.

Now go! And then share. Because remember... you reap what you sow.

Dan Turner's 7 Keys to Selling Art Online

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  1. Thanks Jaime! I'm off to read right now!

  2. Hi Jaime!
    I just was looking back at all I've missed...
    Sweet little Glove, poor baby.
    And your oil painting is fantastic
    and the Death with Roses painting is sooper-dooper
    cool. Now I have to check out that link.
    Have a happy weekend. Love, Lisa♥

  3. Great post Jaime!! I've just read through it and the advice is invaluable!
    Love and

  4. Very interesting. Love the 7 Keys article. Thanks!


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