Friday, March 9, 2012

Sweet Glove...

My sweet kitty, Glove, has not been getting around to good lately. Today she is really worrying me. She usually can manage to jump on the couch and curls up there, but today she cannot. Poor thing. I moved the rug into the sun so she could soak it up. She seems to like it.

I know I probably don't have much time left with her gentle soul. It is sad, but she has given me such joy all this time and she's been with me and I have given her all my love. Almost 20 years now. I'm not sure when she was born, but she showed up at my house in the early fall of 1992 and had to be only about 7 weeks old then and stole my heart instantly. She is a Kentucky Girl and was my 2nd fur baby as an adult. Her and my other sweetie, Whiskey, lived together with us in the house until Whiskey died in 2006 when she was 16.

She doesn't seem to be in pain, but it must hurt her to get up and down and today her little back end doesn't seem to be cooperating. Doesn't it just break your heart to see your fur babies aging and knowing they won't be with us much longer. I always say that I don't understand why they can't live as long as we do.

Pray with me that she just peacefully sleeps into her next journey.

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  1. oh Jaime, I hope it's a peaceful journey for you both. She seems like she's had a blessed life to live with you all these years! One of mine lived to be 17. She was a little bit senile, and a bag of bones, but she loved our company and ate every day and didn't seem to be in pain. and then one day, she didn't want to be touched, and didn't want to eat, and I knew it was time to let her go because she was no longer enjoying her stay on this earth. always hard to say goodbye to a friend. xoxo -Karen

  2. What a beautiful kitty, she is so lucky to have had such a long life with a loving family. I would like to echo iamrushmore's sentiments, "I hope it's a peaceful journey for you both."

  3. She looks like a dream I want to cuddle with ;-)

  4. Awww Jaime, I am so sorry. I know the pain of losing a family pet member. So very painful. They give you so much love. Oh gads, how sad, My hugs to you Jaime and to your Glove baby. Keep thinking of all the precious moments, it's hard but we do what we have to do. Take care Jaime.

  5. I'm so sorry Jaime!! Glove looks so adorable and well loved,she has lived a long and happy life with you.I also wish they could live as long as we do.I pray for a painless and peaceful transition for Glove.Many hugs to you

  6. It is always hard to say "so long for awhile". I do believe we will see them again and if this is so, I will have quite a crowd greeting me on the other side. Tabby is 18 years old and so frail and thin. She eats well and loves loving so we are trying to make her last years quality time. The end of March marks a year since the passing of Oreo and it still seems like yesterday when we said our goodbyes. Glove is a fortunate girl to have such a loving parent. Thinking of you and yours.

  7. It's so hard to watch our pets get old- I'll be thinking of you and your sweet girl.
    P.S. I'm not sure how I didn't see this til now, but I wanted to comment so you'd know I read it.

  8. sweet kitty wishes for you and your dear furry friend.

    love and light !


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