Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Blog Has Moved, won't you come visit?

I have permanently moved my blog to I would just be thrilled if you would visit me there. I'm the same ol' crazy art girl just got new diggs that's all.

I'm still unpacking boxes at the new blog, but please pop by and say hi! I still come to Blogger to read my favorite blogs from my list and keep the heat on here so the pipes won't burst... you know how it is. Please comment there and not here so I'll see you've visited =)

I've got instructions just below here on how to set it up to follow my new blog from your home here at Blogger. I also moved all my old posts and pictures to my new blog so you can see all my past posts from there as well.

I hope to see you!
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  1. yay..congrats on your new blog Jaime!

  2. Thanks 4 stopping by lady & the compliments on all!

    Wishing U a vonderful Halloween early!!!

    Only 18 more days…


    cK >:-)


I love it that you are wanting to comment but please know that I have moved my current blog (this is the old host). You can now find me at and leave a comment there. This very same post is on there, as I have picked up the whole kit and kaboodle and moved it. I hope to see you! Please come by and say howdy!


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