Friday, August 7, 2009

Veggie Garden Mayhem

First, I gotta say I have nearly eaten this whole box of Grippos by myself (in less than a week), not a hard thing to do btw... they are soooo good. Hot and spicy and a little sweetness to them... yummmmmm! My favorite chip. If you have never had them, do yourself a favor and buy a bag or do one better and get a box. I think they are regional to my area, but I'll bet you can order them online from their website which is I tell ya, summer just ain't the same without BBQ Grippos, homegrown tomatoes and iced tea! Add some fried potatoes with onions and I am in heaven!

Whew! I've been busy lately!! I haven't had time lately to create any art or to blog. I've got lots of ideas, but no time to do them. I'm trying to finish up a Memory Book I'm doing for my high school reunion and that was LAST August in spare time!! I'm only about a year late. the rest of the time I'm too tired to drag my stuff out. My house is in ruins. I've got a "studio" upstairs, but it is packed with stuff and all my sewing stuff is out. Someday, I'll have it to where I can go up there and do something and leave it there if I need to and not worry about Asher stealing it or something getting put on it. My kitchen bar has all kinds of canning stuff on it along with tons of tomatoes from the garden, some art supplies, mail, crap, etc. and I have to cook on it too! It's all I can do to keep up. Holy Cow! Canning and having a veggie garden is a lot of work. We've been picking green beans 2 or 3 times a week. All from just 2 little 20 foot rows of beans! I've bought countless jars and spent countless hours snapping beans and canning! and freezing tomatoes and corn and zucchini! oyi! I get tired just typing about it! I haven't even had time to make salsa yet! My jalapeno's are going rot on the plant if I don't pick them soon! My bell peppers haven't come in yet. Dag gone Blight is taking over my toms, hope they keep going.

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