Sunday, December 6, 2009

Glove the Ever Lounging Feline

I named Glove from a character in the great Beatles Cartoon Movie "The Yellow Submarine". If you've never seen the movie, Glove is the affectionate but devilish pet glove of the head "Blue Meanie'. I often call her name like the blue meanie did with a sing song voice Glllloooooovvve. I highly suggest the movie if you can find it. Very creative and entertaining and features many songs from the Beatles.

Let Glove show you how to properly lounge on a tweed-like covered couch:

First... stretch all limbs out in the warm sunshine

Second... test for comfortableness

Third... flash the annoying human snapping pictures a dirty look.

Fourth... "You're still here? Yes, this is the life."


  1. Love the movie! Love this cat even more! What a gorgeous creature! I want one just like it! You should consider doing prints of this beautiful cat. The first and last photos would be good prints!....maybe all the photos as prints. It would be hard to decide! Have a great week! I know Gllllooovvvveee will!!

  2. hmmm... thanks for the idea Janette!


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