Thursday, December 3, 2009

Karma is good

Karma is good and I'm talking about the kind of karma that I think karma is. That being if you do something nice for someone it will eventually roll back around your way, you know like when you let someone in front of you at the supermarket or in traffic, or hey! mention someone in your blog! (Thanks Kathryn at SassmowthDesigns!) she is having a fabulous week by the way... see... karma again!

I don't want to confuse karma for blessed. Blessed, I think is something that we receive from God by no doings of our own. I think karma is just nice things rolling around being nice to people that have done something nice. Now, I do believe karma has lost my address a few times (ok, maybe a few hundred times) but none the less... she has visited me when I needed a lift. Just like this week. I've gotten off to a rotten week and then I get an email from Etsy telling me I made a sale (Thanks Ana at I'm aHodge Podge!). That made my day! of course then, while I was online my kid ran off to hide and I found him in his room with an empty Gold Bond powder bottle. Yep, white powder all over him, the carpet and the bed. Not to mention that strong mediciney smell. ugh...

You know I'd like to say that I have good karma all the time, but some of the time I'm the person that says (and I loosely quote from Steel Magnolias) "Honey, if you don't have anything nice to say... come sit next to me". Yeah, I know. Character flaw.

So, if you're nosey like me here's where you can see what Ana bought from me ;)

"This Artists Observations of the Day"

Feeling of the day: hopeful

I'm grateful for: Michael's coupons

I am wearing: my jammies, still :)

I thought about today: it would be great to telepathically write my blog

I miss: 10 minute grocery trips

Best thing I did today: can't say yet


  1. Congrats on the sale! Wish I had some money to shop with! Waiting for my part-time salary to catch up with my wish list. I chuckled when I read about Karma losing your address....boy, this year I think Karma left the country for both of us! Karma is hit and miss, but I am still blessed in so many ways. Have a great weekend.....thinking of you, Janette

  2. funny about your boy, lol! just when you were flying high, something has to happen to bring you back to reality, isn't that the way things go?
    congrats on the sale, it's such a thrill to find that email from Etsy isn't it?
    You asked about ACEOs, they do pretty well, I've had good luck with them, especially on Ebay.
    Etsy is ok, but since there are, I swear, millions of sellers, it's hard to be seen. I think you should do them, they are fun!!

  3. Hi Jaime, thanks for the link! You write a great blog...and that's the truth!


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