Monday, January 25, 2010

Creative Thoughts

I had to brag about my creative kid a little today. Here is his last painting and I'm starting to feel a little threatened. Ha ha, just kidding but wow. I'm even impressed. I'm not totally sure he is doing this on purpose because if I ask him which is his favorite color to make, he answers with the color mud. Oh well. He is having fun and I love it that he interested in expressing himself.

I really shouldn't be surprised though, because being around a preschooler all the time I've learned first hand at how super creative they are. No toys around? No problem... he'll play with what ever is there like a straw or a rock and makes up elaborate stories of their perils along with names and friends. It's hilarious and also very thought provoking. Even as I consider myself a creative person... I feel I have lost a lot of that natural wonder and exploring instinct that he now possesses. I listen intently as he plays and I feel honored when he wants me to join in his creative play. I'm taking notes. I'm determined to get back some of that early childlike wonderment back with him leading the way.

"This Artists Observations of the Day"

Feeling of the day: I feel cold today, but my heart is warm

I'm grateful for: dreams

I thought about today: like minds

I miss: the smell of cut grass

Best thing I did today: play fix the bus with Asher

Today I visited: you should visit her fun, thoughtful and creative blog. She also has a great Etsy shop.


  1. how wonderful!! his sense of color is fantastic actually. we do lose a lot of creativity as we grow up. a survey i read shows that 98% of kids below 3 are creative. then the number starts going down. by the time they reach late teens ... on 17% remain creative. this is quite sad.

  2. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  3. Oh this totally takes me back, I remember the days when I'd take a piece of paper, do a little crinkling and voila! Mr Paperman was there to amuse for hours, lol!

    Looks like you've got a chip off the block too, it's wonderful to mom creative children, nothing better. ;-)

  4. I love this....great colors and form! Go Asher!

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