Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asking for advice...

I am thinking of changing my website, logo, business cards, Etsy, blog, twitter, Facebook Fan Page... everything, you name it to a new name... my name. It's not like I'm very well known. I just bought my name as a domain. I've been reading my Artist's magazines again and they all say it's more professional than artsyfartsyme for someone like myself trying to make a go of it as an artist....

I've only been going around as artsyfartsyme for a little over a year... What do you all think...


or keep everything artsyfartsyme?


  1. that what i know you as and i love it :) its unique and original!

  2. Having too many different names confuses people. I have always used (until Etsy) my own name for my art, people want to connect with the Artist. On Etsy when I started I was going to only have one shop and so I used my sewing biz name PoppyPlace, when I realised they didn't really work tog. I had already committed to the name. So, I guess what I am saying is I find people like real names to bring to mind real Artists to make the connection.

    Hope that helps that is just my take on my little part in the art world, regards, T.

  3. to tell you the truth ... i have this dilemma too ... i think it is a good move ... esp early in your artistic life. cos not very much is at stake as of now. the dilemma would excalate when you become well known as people have already branded you such. so yes ... change now ... change it to your name ... it's professional and easy to associate with.

    i am doing this for my jewelry ... afraid my houseware stuff have to stick to pimp and paint ... cos i already have many who associate me with that name. but i'm new at jewelry ... and i'm using my name :)

  4. How about "ArtsyFartsyMe - the Artwork of Jaime Haney"? You could create a logo around it. That way you are keeping your "brand" along with letting folks know the name behind the artist. You could incorporate the two together. You can still create a banner on the jaimehaney.com website that uses ArtsyFartsy. This way you can keep what is charming and fun! :)

  5. I agree that it is good to change it to your real name. It is definately more professional, though I think that artsyfartsyme is cute. I also like Farie Moon's suggestion.

  6. My sister fussed at me for naming my Etsy shop as Knee Deep Originals, but I'd had my business name as Knee Deep Studio for a couple years already, so it just made sense to me. My biggest reason to use those for my online business rather than my own name was so that a certain person, my ex, could not as easily find my work online. Also so many people have commented positively on the Knee Deep name, and now that's what people know me as.

    But I think you should change your shop name to your real name, and now is the time if the current name hasn't stuck well yet. And then you can make your tag line something like... "artsyfartsy art... just because" or along those lines so that you still have your current name associated with your shop.

    Good luck... and how did the show go? Did I miss a post? I better go check!

  7. I like the ides of tying the two together as well...I have a different name on my blog than I do my shop against someone advise.I tried to start a blog with my shop name, but what if I'm feeling hodgy-podgy?? OHH, what if you're feeling artsyfartsy?? I'm so confused....

    How did the big show go?


  8. thank you all for your opinions and advice! I really appreciate it! I have some thinking to do about how to go about this change. I think I will probably keep the artsyfartsy somehow but focus on using my name as the main name just like so many of you suggested.

  9. I say keep the name and add yours to it! My boutique was called Under the Sun and I use Under the Sun With Me now as a vendor...You are doing a great job!!!!

  10. I like Artsyfartsyme personally. Everyone knows that's not your real name ;)


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