Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Check out new Pages tab!

Check it out! I've got tabs! They don't really look like tabs, but they function like tabs. I didn't know this was even available, so I think I have my friend Kat of sassmowthdesigns to thank for that, I think she is the one that tweeted this great tutorial by passionforbeads. Do you ever go to the links in the tweets? I do and I have learned quite a lot that way.

If anyone wants to trade banners and add a page for this like I have, just add the page and contact me to swap banners. You can add up to 10 pages, how cool is that?! The pages are just for Blogger users though, sorry. But I'll swap banners with anyone, (well just about, ha ha)


  1. I just found about the "tab" thing here on blogspot, too. I was a little clueless, I guess. I'm still finding my way with the layout - and I don't usually like to "rock the boat." LOL Maybe I'll get daring and try it!!! :) Theresa

  2. This is such a cool feature, it's great that Google added it!

  3. hey! I had no idea we could use tabs!

  4. I am clueless. I don't see tabs. What is it and how does it work?

  5. Carole, see above where it says in pink Home and the other says Banner Exchange... those are the tabs. That's why I say it doesn't look like tabs, but it behaves like tabs, meaning you can click on Banner Exchange and it will take you to that page, a new page on my blog. you can add them too, for anything you want, like in your case maybe have a tab for your iris cards, or maybe your photography shots. it is free and you access it from your layout.. click on the link I have up above on the passionforbeads, it will show you quite easily how to set them up in your blog.

    for anyones information, I didn't have the blog she was talking about and it still worked.

  6. Someone else I follow uses these tabs to great efficiency. I always wondered how she did that. So it's great to see that we all have that capability. But I don't know that I'll use them... for me, the simpler the better.


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