Friday, March 26, 2010

good news today!

I got a great voicemail message from my partner, Gale, today. She had sold a framed 11x14 "When I say I do" montage, 3 greeting cards and 2 of my notepads! Our Etsy shop isn't doing much yet, but Gale is! I guess that just goes to show you if you have something in front of you, it is more enticing to buy.

I'm like that, too. I'm a sucker for the junk in the checkout lane, the impulse buy stuff I think is what they call it. So is Asher, my 4 year old and they know it. They put all the candy at his eye level, so I think it's their fault if they have to listen to him shriek in agony when I tell him no, he can't have twelve thousand grams of sugar coated with sprinkles or whatever catches his fancy at the moment.

Well I wanted to share my elation with the sales with my bloggin' pals. This wedding montage "When I Say I Do" is our best seller right now. So if you've got a wedding to attend... hint hint haha... we customize at no extra cost ;)

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Jamie that is just awesome, more sales to you and Gale, you know you are on to something when you make sales :)

    Have a great weekend, T.

  2. Congratulations! That is VERY exciting. :) It will happen, with etsy too. I will email you soon. :) Talk to you soon! Big hugs! Theresa

  3. That's great! More to come I'm sure!

  4. Jaime, congrats on the sales! It is true, things are so much easier to sell when you see them in person. I don't know about Etsy though, something is not right over there, seems like a lot of sellers have disappeared off the map, lol! me included :-)
    Wedding season is coming up so get ready!

    thanks for dropping by my blog. I love seeing how other artists think too. The color class I am in is the one by Julie Prichard (with Chris Cozen). Julie always gives you your money's worth, tons of videos and info. I'm considering your new class and I have yet to do a single one of the color! I swear I am addicted to online workshops, lol!

  5. Yippee, way to go! Stay positive and don't give in to those temptations at the darn checkout counter ;)


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