Thursday, April 29, 2010

So I'm 40, now what?

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and posted a birthday wish for me today... thank you so much. I am touched to know I have such great friends who truly care about me. I appreciate and care for each and every one of you. I so enjoy reading about everyones lives and ups and downs and thoughts and such. We really are social creatures, aren't we? I get my fix everyday as I peek into your lives through your lovely blogs.

So, today I am 40. Well, technically yesterday since it is 1:23 am as I write this. Nothing really exciting happened to me today. Another decade flew by. I had a fairly normal day, a day in the life... No magical wind blowing in change, no tears of sorrow about turning another year older. It's better than the alternative! But I did feel the many well wishes of my friends. I enjoyed a burnt frozen pizza while Asher had a hotdog. We're a healthy bunch, ya know. Daryl worked as usual. He did buy me some beautiful Wave Petunia's and a sweet card to his credit. I think I'm liking being 40.

I did decide to make some cupcakes for myself and Asher. Actually, it was his idea first... kinda. I told him this morning, since he had forgotten, that today was Mommy's birthday. The first thing he said to me was "but where is your cake?" gotta love him. A boy truly after my own heart. So this evening I looked through the pantry to see what was quick to whip up. Nothing is quick to whip up. I had a box cake... fine. I had fudgey icing that I know for a fact is pre 1995. I opened it thinking... what could go bad? Well it stunk like plastic and rancid oil. It was Pillsbury Lovin' Lites. Who remembers those? So I tossed it and made my own with Hershey cocoa (their recipe) and I don't think I'll ever buy that plastic tub again. I let Asher decorate the finished cupcakes and I'm still stepping on those tiny little balls in the kitchen. Do you know how hard it is to sweep those things up? He loves to bake and help with things in the kitchen except the cleaning up part. So I had to post these cute pictures of him enjoying the process.

Well the hub bub is over and I've decided to update my profile picture to the one I posted as my last day in my 39th year. I didn't do it on purpose, the blurriness, but I love what Rebecca of Knee Deep Studios said about it... "I love how it's blurry... echoes the blur between our 30th and 40th years, how we often see ourselves, the waves of life we encounter, the changes that happen oh so slowly but surely until one day, we look at ourselves in the mirror and hopefully say... "I like who I've become." Well, Rebecca, I think I do like who I've become. I hope we all can say that. Good night friends (or good morning!)


  1. The older we get, the more we realize that birthday are days, sometimes just routine days, sometimes a little something special gets added in. And we learn to appreciate even more those little something specials... a card, a few minutes of peace, a phone call, or some time with kids or friends. I always say that it's the little things that make our lives special. So I am loving the photos you posted... especially that 4th one that says it all... celebration, triumph, sheer and pure joy! That's what it's all about, honey!

  2. I hope you really enjoyed your birthday. Those cupcakes look delicious - and it seems as though one little boy was quite anxious to dig in. May all your birthday wishes come true...Theresa :)

  3. You might possibly have the cutest kid on the planet! That is quite a birthday present in itself. Wish I could say "I'll be right over for one of those cupcakes!". Have a great 40th year and it can't be said too often...Life is not a full and well and be happy!


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