Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fever real bad!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. My husband wouldn't go, but I drug my son to church but only after I told him the Easter Bunny doesn't come to your house unless you've gone to church... that changed his tune real quick. They had a wonderful Easter program and it kept him entertained. He did pretty well considering it lasted over 2 hours of sitting in the pew. He was really excited to come home to find the Easter Bunny had visited us (thanks to hubby!). Here are some cute pictures from that day.

I've been outside a lot these last few days or actually more like a couple weeks if it wasn't raining. I've been having a great time moving plants around, getting starts from family members and planning more flower beds! Not to mention tending to my more than 320 tomato plants I'm growing in my greenhouse. In fact yesterday I drove to my aunt's house to shovel horse poop for fertilizer for my garden! I'm fairly sore today but not as bad as I thought I'd be. Needless to say I'm not getting a lot of GeeJayCreations made or even any of my personal painting or drawing. I need to get on it cause my partner Gale has been busy again. She's sold more montages and now she has found a floral shop willing to sell our goodies in her shop! I'm really excited and need to get busy. When it's pretty outside, I have a hard time staying inside and in front of the computer! We have an art show April 24th which is right around the corner which I'm excited about and want to get lots of work done for it. But as you gardeners know, the itch has to be scratched! Plus there is a small window of transplanting time for certain perennials.

What about my evenings you say? Well I'm happy to report that in between playing with my boy, I've completed a course online through and am trying to get as much learning in before my 1 months worth of learning expires.

Have a great rest of the day everybody. I'm off to Walmart... ugh. Enjoy the beautiful bleeding hearts.


  1. Hey Jamie, that is an awesome shot :)

    It has rained everyday here in the NW for weeks and so not much gardening going on, I can't even get to take good pics of my flowers before they are bashed by the next rain and wind storm :(

    Looks like you have been busy and cute shots of Easter :)

    Good luck with your art show, I am in one right now, first one in a while :) T.

  2. What cute shots of your little boy! Looks like he enjoyed his visit from the Easter Bunny very much. It is so hard to concentrate when the weather is great. I know I've had a hard time!!! Did manage to prep some art for dominoes and lay out a few earring and necklace designs. :) Theresa

  3. What a simply precious little boy you have! So so cute! I'm amazed he sat through 2 hours of church... wow!

    Love your gardening notes! It's been gorgeous here, but I haven't done too much in my flower garden. I did do some weeding this evening in the veggie garden... lots of weeds in there this year. Our cooler weather plants, spinach, lettuces, and snow peas, are looking really good! Can't wait to have a fresh salad straight from the garden!!

    Good luck with your show, and with getting motivated to sit inside and get some work done! That sunshine is hard to stay away from!

  4. oh my!!! he is PRECIOUS!!! gosh ... those dimples would send loads of girls swooning ...

    you have 320 tomato plants??? what do you do when they ALL tomato together?? i dun suppose you'll eat all of them. what other stuff do you plant? isn't it so cool to be able to plant your own veges :))

    hey ... congrats on finding a place to carry your art :) what fun!!!

  5. such adorable photos! and i just adore those bleeding hearts. can't wait for mine to start blooming.

    best wishes to you!

  6. Great pictures; take them while you can- it seems like the minute our boy turned 10, he began to HATE having his picture taken! And I totally hear you about it being hard to stay out of the garden- me too, and me too on the art show (ours is the 23rd & 24th and I am still 4 paintings short of what I'd planned!) But this time of year the call of the garden is too loud to dismiss!


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