Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fish Lips

Can you believe the size of my top lip? Today while watering my flowers I felt a bug land on me and the next thing I know I pulling a knat from my mouth. I didn't think anything about it because they are out in hoards right now buzzing and trying to get in your eyes and mouth and nose. But then I pulled another bug from my mouth and this time I felt a sting. This little bug was smaller than a sesame seed and was black and looked like a tiny little seed. I continued watering and felt it stinging but not anything that would warrant me actually stopping what I was doing to go check. Finally I felt a little pill size puffiness and went to look in the car door mirror. Great. It had swollen some so I went inside to get the Vick's vapor rub, which is fantastic for ANY STING of any kind, takes the hurt right out immediately. I dabbed a little on and went back out to continue watering. About 5 minutes later I noticed that I could see my lip in my peripheral vision! I looked in the car door mirror again and gasped! This is what it turned into!! 

I put up with it for a couple hours hoping it would go down. Nope. So I took some children's benedryl which is nasty by the way, blech. It is still swollen but by about half now 5 hours later.  I think I can safely say now, I don't believe I would look that good with those lip injections.

I'm a bug magnet.


  1. Poor thing- the sacrifices we make for our gardens......! And I did NOT know that about the Vick's; I'll be sure to try it next time someone tangles with a bee around here!

  2. oh my goodness, you poor thing!
    I wonder what bug caused all this. It would put the lip injection people out of business, lol!

  3. oh dear!!! you poor thing! hope it subsides soon...

  4. Oh Sweetheart....I do hope you are better this morning!


  5. My goodness! And to think people actually pay for "bee-stung" lips! I hope the swelling goes down soon and that it doesn't hurt that much any longer. Theresa :)

  6. OUCH! Hope it has gone down. Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  7. Hoping that your swelling went down soon. I actually have some pictures of me with lips like this. I developed an allergic reaction to taking over-the-counter Alleve, however it took awhile to realize it. I spent years with swelling of the hands, feet, throat, lips and tongue. They sure weren't pretty to look at or deal with.

  8. Oh dear! I have no idea what kind of bug that would have been and having many outdoor adventures you would think I know a thing or two about bugs....but that little beastie that attacked you?! Not a clue! I do know for sure that if I ever see anything like that coming my way....I'm out of there! I'm sorry to hear about the attack....that was not very nice at all!

    Sending you purrs of healing....


  9. I am guessing by now you are fine, but I have to say, pain and all, Melanie Griffith would kill to have that lip hehehe
    Hope you will never see another of those bugs again!


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