Monday, August 9, 2010

Check out my newest purchase!

I have been so busy lately, but I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful jewelry from Mana Moon Studios that I just got. I received in the unassuming package on this past Saturday. I was so excited that it arrived that I ripped open the box and discovered beautiful packaging inside and the jewelry was even more beautiful in person than by the pictures, which were pretty awesome.

It was so fun opening all the packages and the packing was so pretty.  I have learned a thing or two from Sharon that's for sure on packing. You all know I don't sell jewelry, but I can still use the ideas to make my packaging more appealing. 

I not only got this gorgeous jewelry, but she sent me an extra special piece as a surprise! I was just floored, and so appreciative! Thanks you Sharon!!!! *kiss kiss* Not only did I get extra goodies I also received a discount certificate for her other shop called Plumrose Lane!

If you've not heard of Plumrose Lane, and who hasn't?, you need to check it out. Sharon is an excellent designer (and I fancy myself a very good judge of design since my last paying gig was Art Director for an ad agency) of blog backgrounds and also twitter and self promotion and she's got tutorials and all kinds of great stuff... just like her card says... she is a curator of whimsical treasures and purveyor of phantasmagorical designs!  Check out her blog for freebies, too.

If she has anything left, there is 75% off her Mana Moon Studios jewelry! It all it just beautiful. Well, don't take my word for it, looky here!

On another note my baby starts Pre-School on Wednesday!!!!!! Mixed emotions going on here...

Also, has anyone seen the movie Zombieland? I laughed myself silly, a laugh out loud super cute movie, but watch out if you're squeemish!

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  1. So it was *you* that got the fiber necklace I was drooling over! JK, my package arrived yesterday, which I shared with my surprised and overjoyed teenage jewelry-hungry girls. Sharon creates the most gorgeous work!

  2. oh i totally agree with you ladies!! sharon is a wonderful jewelry artist!! what a bountiful purchase ... whoopee!!

  3. Oh Jaime, you're such a sweetheart!! Here you are with your little one starting preschool this week and you take the time to write a blog post?!... I'm completely touched♥♥

    Thank you so much for your lovely post, it's truly my pleasure and I'm just so happy you like everything. I really appreciate the compliment on my PrL work too, it means alot coming from you ~ namasté

    And thanks to the wonderful ladies above and their week comments!

    Hugs to all♥♥ *blowing kisses*

  4. Those are very lovely - good for you! :) Thanks for sharing the talents of this artisan. Theresa

  5. Gorgeous jewelry....thanks for sharing! Looks yummy enough to eat. Zombieland was hilarious!

  6. Sharon's work is amazing and own several of her pieces!

    I can't believe the wee one starts pre-school! Whatever are you going to do with yourself? I know...create!!



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