Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A quick funny

Today, my muse is here and I'm taking full advantage while my son is at school and then a friends house. I started to get a little snacking urge so I quickly grabbed on of my favorite chocolate pleasures in a yellow bag out of the pantry and sat back down at my computer. Opened up the bag and stuck in my hand all the while not closely paying attention... that is until my nose yelled up to my brain and said hey stupid! A little attention is required here!!  Look and see, which one do you think I was about to eat? Yep.

innocent enough looking in the pantry...

now look a little closer!

Next time I think I'll make sure to buy the green bag of kitty treats.

Thought you'd like a laugh...
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  1. Ha! that was great, lol! and it would have been funny, even you would have laughed :-)
    well, maybe not right away, haha!

  2. Oh no! At least you didn't put it into your mouth. Unless you enjoy chicken bits. :) Theresa

  3. Hehe, good thing your nose warned you what was up!

  4. looking back at it... on the flip side the kitty chicken treats are just 2 calories each! ha ha

  5. Too funny- thanks for the smile!

  6. Some of those actually looks and smell pretty tasty sometimes!
    Too funny!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Yikes ! The bag does look far too similar to the yummy chocolate snacks bag...maybe kitty treats need to have a nook all of their own in the pantry, like next to plastic baggies, aluminum foil, wax paper and trash bags. LOL

  8. hey you won the earrings. Check it out;


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