Friday, October 29, 2010

Banshee, Female Spirit

Here are the pictures I took while I put on my Halloween make-up that I told you all I would share from this post. I love to get dressed up and I was fortunate enough to get invited to a costume party. I even made up a business card I handed out to everyone with a short description of what I was and a brief history of the Banshee. I always go overboard and I always go scary, that's my shtick and I have so much fun making myself up. I have another visual tutorial of my Swamp Zombie costume from some years back and will post it soon.

I didn't let my kid see me like this, it would freak him out!

So here it is... sleep tight!
Banshee, female spirit part one
Banshee, female spirit part two
Banshee, female spirit part three and finished costume

Till next time... Happy Halloween!!
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  1. Yikes! Jaime, look at how pretty you are! Even as a Zombie girl :)

  2. Oh my GOSH you are so SCAREY!!!! I think your calling in lIfe is a MAKEUP ARTIST, you are so good at it! I am going as a Hippee to a party tonight. Will take pictures, I am wearing these shoes from the 70's that my mom and I shared...they are awesome platforms with butterflies on the side! My feet will be killing me but what the heck! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  3. O.K. I KNOW I left a comment this morning.....guess Blogger was working it's usual tricks? Anyway, your costume is awesome, and I'm considering making my own cards, 'cause I'm pretty sure no one is going to "get" the Wicthiest Red Queen Witch.....
    Happy Halloween!

  4. I love your costume! the make up is wonderful! I am not sure what I will be doing this halloween, but I do not have much time to figure it out so it will probably be lame.

  5. Absolutely stunning make-up job! Very startling as well. In a good way. LOL I'd definitely scream if I happened upon you in a dark alley! Happy Halloween! Theresa

  6. WOW! Jaime, that is amazing. You are truly a great Artist. You look so amazing :)

    Have a wonderful Halloween :) T.

  7. Jaime spooktakular work! Great costume and amazing make up! I just bought a stage make up book for my daughter.. can't wait to show her this!

    Have a wonderful time on Halloween!


  8. You are the most beautiful banshee I have ever seen. And your face makeup is a work of art in itself. I'm very impressed! Hope you have a happy Halloween.

  9. You are one GORGEOUS Banshee!! Oh how I wish you could come over and do mine tonight!



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