Friday, October 1, 2010

So much to do, so little time!

Do you ever feel that way? I'm sure most of us do, but this weekend for me there is the Highway 60 yard sale, a Wine, Jazz and Art festival in Evansville, IN plus a huge Arts and Crafts show at Audubon State Park in Henderson, Ky. All within just miles of each other. I wish I could split myself up into about 10 people, 1 for each of the art and craft shows and the other eight to scout the wonderful finds I'm sure there are in all those 200 miles, Yes I said 200 miles of yard sales! Eight counties in Kentucky! If you'd like to find out more go here.

Now I just need to talk the hubs into going to be my pack mule ;^)

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  2. Hi Jaime
    Oh what a grand time you will have.. Lot's to do yes! Thank you so much for visitng and your kind words.. I am so pleased you enjoyed viewing my paintings.

  3. I have heard of the huge sale that goes on for miles! I would have flea market overload! What a great way "to go"! October in Texas signals the beginning of the arts scene and all things fun! We are having gallery nights, studio tours, "Arts Goggle", State Fair, divine mayhem, impossible to attend it all! I'm in heaven in October with beautiful weather and fabulous art scenes! And, don't forget Halloween!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hmmm I think its at times like this that I wish I could invest in a Harry Potter-style "Time turner" and go to it ALL!!! Whatever you decide to squash in, I do hope you have a fantastic time!!
    Hugs xxx


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