Friday, February 25, 2011

Whose First for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book?

Who is the first to get the book Making Room for Art through our Sisterhood of the Traveling Book project??? Fist some teaser pictures of my little amigo here... hee hee. Today he got to pick the "winner" I hate to use the word winner, because we're all winners! If this goes as planned everyone who entered will have the chance to have the book sent to them. 


We have a winner...

Yay T over at Poppy Place! So it's going to Oregon. Now T hasn't been feeling very well lately so I hope this brightens her day. I know she'll have something great to contribute to the book. She is an accomplished photographer and painter among many other things.

I want to thank everyone for encouraging this idea of mine and playing along. I've had a little more time to think about how I hope this Sisterhood of the Traveling Book will work and I'd like to share it with you now. Here's what I hope will happen with the book and when you get the book, feel free to copy and paste this as a suggestion:

The Sister in possession of the book:
  • Blog that you've got the book!!
  • Read it, scan it or just pick out the parts you want to read
  • Doodle along pages remembering that it will go to many others (hopefully) so leave some room 
  • underline things you think are important or add writing or beg to differ... just add your thoughts or inspiration. You get the idea ;)
  • Feel free (prodding here) to post anything you've added with snapshots or scans either in the process or after your done and please make sure email me, cause I am adding a tab to my blog just for this project and will post your pics here too. It doesn't have to be an elaborate post. 
  • When your done with the book, please pick from one of the "Sisters" that have already indicated they want to participate. (This is a small change from original plan) I plan to send all the brightly colored tabs of paper with names on it, so this will be easy. This will save you time from having to host your own "giveaway" on your blog. You can announce who the next Sister is and get her address then. So I guess we all need to be following each other or you can get access to their blog from mine and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Book post. 
So I guess the last person is the luckiest, because she will get to keep this beautiful and meaningful journal that just happens to include a book inside it from all these wonderful "sisters". I don't know what we'll do after that, do another one? We'll decide later.

So T, send me your mailing address Sistah! You are the first! (well I guess technically second, hee hee)

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestion, lets hear it. I mentioned that today I had an announcement and I do, but I'm going to post that in another post later today so it will be separate. I will tell you this: It will involve a limited number of people (10) and the first ten who sign up get to do it.

Bye for now Sistah's!!!


  1. Oh MY Goodness, now that I have stopped crying, sniff (Happy Tears, ya know) Thank you so much, this is so much fun, I LOVE this idea and I am so excited that you are doing this.

    I am honoured to be the 1st (ok, 2nd) this is going to be a wonderfully Loved book.

    Have a lovely weekend and Thanks again, T. :)

    Very cute pics of your Amigo :)

  2. Aw, what a great gift! Jaime, I love this idea :) good luck T, I am following your blog now to see what happens next!
    Jaime, your kid is the cutest!!! :)

  3. Oh now that is so special :) What a fabulous idea - I love reading notes that have been jotted down in library books and things *g*

    And whata tease about your other announcement - it's 10.30pm here. Descisions, descisions - stay up or risk having a peep in the morning *g*

  4. Wheeeee!!! Let the fun begin!!!


  5. Awesome!
    I love the idea of this! I look forward to my turn... ; )

  6. Congrats to T! :) What a little cutie your assistant is. :) Theresa


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