Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heirloom Tomatoes are growing nicely

So this is what I've been up to lately. I've noticed my posting and visiting has gone down recently and this is why. I've been hard at work tending my Heirloom Tomatoes that I sell locally. That money fuels my art booth fees a lot of the time and also my flower addiction that I have. I start them all from seed and then transplant them twice. I also make all the plant tags from milk jugs I've saved throughout the year. Well I've finally got them all transplanted and in the greenhouse. I start them in my basement under many fluorescent lights in my my seedling condo as I call it. Now they will spend a little while growing and some are already ready to harden off outside but we've been having so much wind and hard rain that I've put that off a bit.

So I'll be around more often now in-between watering and taking them in and out while hardening off. Oh, I also have the task of selling these babies so I've got that, too.

I'm embarrassed to even tell you I have not done my pages yet for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbooks. oyi... and here it is planting season! Ok, ok... beat me now. I have also been cleaning up my studio so I won't have any excuses not to get up there. I'll post a picture of the new and improved studio tomorrow! ;) Oh I did prime my cover, does that count?

see ya tootsies!

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  1. Priming totally counts, lol! Can't wait to see what you have in mind :)
    My dad and brother have been nurturing hundreds of heirlooms both for selling as plants and as 'maters to sell for eating- YUM! Our last frost date was Friday, so Bill and I got our plants in the ground on Monday. Also when I was weeding the tomato bed, I found a bunch of baby tomatoes that had reseeded from last year- do you know what the chances are of them being the same variety?
    Hump Day Hugs,

  2. lol yup priming totally counts.. I have only started a sketch on one page.. very cool all the tomatoes...just the thot of all those yummy tomatoes.. it's still too cold and wet here to even think about any of that yet.. and cleaning the studio rocks.. wanna come do mine? lol

  3. Quite the green thumb you've got! Your tomato plants look very happy. =)
    Looking forward to seeing the pics of your studio.

  4. We grow our own tomatoes, taste SOOOO much better when picked off the vine, we eat all ours though, none left to take to market LOL! I'm catching up on my visitors from OWOH (yep speedy I know) so thought I'd drop by & say Hi, I have a giveaway posted on my blog as part of the "Witches in Fiction" Blog Party on at the moment, it's not to late to join in the fun, & I remembered you liked a litle 'spooky' action LOL if you get time pop in & say Hello, hope all is well & maybe see ya soon ;)
    PS there's heaps of giveaways updated each day on Magaly's blog too...

  5. I LOVE tomatoes! We usually purchase plants - have never done them from seedlings. Much good luck!!! Theresa


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