Thursday, May 12, 2011

Self Portrait spread

I finally finished my self portrait page and mailed it yesterday. It was supposed to be mailed the last of April (sorry Brandy!) but better late than never, right?

Over all, I like the look and the colors turned out pretty good. My portrait though really doesn't look too terribly much like me. If I were more brave I'd post the picture I painted this from. I improvised and took my creative license to the max on this... haha. Plus, as I've said I really am just learning to paint so I make it up as I go along. Like I've told a few already, my face isn't a very good Caucasian skin color. I ended up looking more like a pink pig. Now I have rosacea, but even my face isn't this pink ;)

I was going to use this for Paint Party Friday, but I'll either use a quick acrylic painting I made for my girlfriend who just graduated and got her certificate for a new career (hopefully) or I'll be getting busy tomorrow night. My money is on the acrylic. Tomorrow is a busy day.

I finally got my tomatoes planted YAY! and zuchinni, cantaloupe, watermelon and corn. Still need to get out the beans, yellow squash, peppers and jalapeno's. Pumpkins in a month or so. I am loving the warm temps that we have been having. I'm a warm weather girl.

Check out my little man fishing on Monday, how cute is that? Look at that cast... haha!

Also, it seems I have yet another member of the fur family to introduce. I'll post more about him with a picture in a later post. I will tell you he is of the feline persuasion and I've already named him. His name is Buster Brown.

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  1. this looks great!
    your little boy is adorable:)
    can't wait to see buster brown.

  2. Your self portrait looks wonderful! What an adorable photo too! I can totally see that as a painting! :-)

  3. Your painting is beautiful! I love the colors and all the little details like the dragonflies and fish.
    Your little cutie looks like he's having a lot of fun fishing. We promised ours we would take him this year.

  4. What a great post - I am really enjoying seeing your pages (I loved the ones in the post below too)!

    The photo of your son fishing is fabulous - so adorable :)


  5. Jaime - the self portrait is WONDERFUL!!! :) Great job. :) Your little guy fishing is just too adorable. Did he make a catch? We are still in the process of planting - many things we need to start inside. But it's so exciting - bok choy, tomatoes, even gourds for crafting. Our lettuce is out and growing - hurray! A new kitty??? Awesome news!!! Can't wait to meet him. Happy weekend! Theresa

  6. I love your self portrait.. looks great.. the fishing pic is too cute.. it's still too cold here for planting anything.. actual snowflakes were seen yesterday .. arghhhh... Have a loverly weekend..

  7. Your portrait is wonderful and it does look more like you than not. I love the soft colors and swirls. The goldfish pond is beautiful. Love how you did your hair with the different highlights. Asher just can't stop being adorable. So photogenic! Looking forward to seeing Buster Brown!

  8. You are too hard on yourself. You did a great job with this ~ in my opinion, it looks remarkable like you (judging from the various photos you have on your blog).

    I hope the rain ends soon for you.... take care!

  9. WOW! Your self portrait is wonderful! You are such a beautiful young lady and really captured the sweet look in your eyes! GORGEOUS! ♥

  10. Love the self-portrait and absolutely, better late than never ! That's life in this busy, busy world.
    So glad you found time for creating and fishing...
    Cheers !


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