Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Customized Treasure Box

What do you think?
I made a new treasure box for one of Asher's little friends late last week. He was invited to a birthday party and I thought this would be a good opportunity to make a custom treasure box and then take pics so I could try to sell them on ARtfire and Etsy. She seemed to really like it and all the little kids "oooo'd" when she opened it, which is a great sign and made me feel good. Asher was so proud. He had made her a birthday card and couldn't wait for her to open it.

Five is such a cute age. But unfortunately, with fun, birthday parties and lots of kids come lots of germs. The party was at a gym that has gymnastics and they all just had a blast. There were trampolines everywhere, balance beams to climb on and inflatable bouncy houses. But the star of the show was a sponge pit.


I refer to it as the Cesspool of Snot. So... today Asher missed school and has an ear infection. Oh well, goes with the territory. I just hope I don't get it, seems like germs just know when vacation or holidays are coming don't they?
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  1. And 'tis the season to be SICK! I LOVE your personalized treasure box SUCH a perfect gift- I bet they will do great in your stores too! We've had rounds of stuff here too, and I have to wonder how much of it comes from me bringing students in here....I actually had a dream about spraying the doorknobs with Lysol last night!

  2. Love this Jaime!! These boxes can become addictive
    And it's even better when it's personalized like this.
    Hope your little guy is feeling better--I remember those days too well....

  3. Hope Asher is feeling better. Giving your boxes as gifts is a great way to get them before the public. This box will probably be treasured as a great childhood memory for the recipient!

  4. Sorry Asher is sick. Hope he gets better soon so he can enjoy the fun of the season. Your little treasure box is so cute - and personalizing them is such a great idea!


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