Monday, January 9, 2012

Curse you Blogger!

Curses! I've reached my maximum blogs to follow! Apparently 300 is the magic number. Why is there even a limit? I've read on other blogs of this problem but since I hadn't encountered this dilemma, I assumed they got rid of the nasty situation. Not so. So now I'll have to go through the grueling task of selecting some blogs to unfollow :( I hate that. If I follow a blog, it's because I am genuinely interested in reading it, or at least looking at the pictures ;) Does anyone have a tip to give me on finding blogs that might be no longer used?

So if you've not blogged in a while and I was a follower, sorry!

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  1. Jaime, what I did was go over my list and seen when someone last blogged and if it was over 6 months to a year, I had to delete them. It's a lot of work to do and that problem should be fixed by Blogger. In any event, good luck, tee hee. :)) Take care, have a great week.

  2. hmmm...wonder why there is a limit! hasn't happened to me yet..but should.. i follow at least a kazillion..and love it!

  3. I didn't know there was a limit, but I guess there probably are a lot of people who quit blogging so they can probably be taken off. Good luck! :-)

  4. I hope you keep folowing me (!) LOVE the picture, BTW!
    P.S. I didn't know there was a limit either....

  5. Love the pic.. I didn't know that there was a limit.. are you still following me?? I finally have posted
    sounds tedious to go thru everyone's and what if they just need a break?? sigh.. always something..
    have a great day!!

  6. Hey Jaime,

    Blogger does have some peculiarities doesn't it?!?!

    Oh and your hair, it looked way cool :)

    When I was a fake punk rocker back in the London I used to spray my hair pink all the time and blue and well, you get the idea :)

    I can relate to the PMS impulse, I have done some crazy stuff under the influence of PMS :(

    Happy New Year :) T.

  7. Love the demonic picture! Didn't know there was a limit. Hope you will give my blog a chance. I'm coming up with some good ideas for 2012. Just weed the dormant ones!

  8. I had no idea there WAS a limit!!!!! I am quite far from reaching it - so I guess I am quite safe. :) But this is good info to know!


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