Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Inkings and paintings

I've been working on a few new pieces the last couple days. They are all on wood. I've got 3 inkings done and one of them painted and finished. This colored one is called "A Girl and Her Bird". It is inked with india ink and them painted with metallic paint mostly. The yellow is plain acrylic. The scanner just cannot capture the sheen to these and it looks so much better in person. So here's a photograph that shows the different metallics a little bit better...

Here's the inking:

This one I call "My Three Suns"
 This one is "Sinister Feline"

When I'm inking, the marks I make are totally random. I do not have anything in mind when I take my brush to the gesso'd wood. I don't sketch anything first. Once I get a few marks on the board, the story starts to come to me and the characters come out from hiding. It is always a surprise when it's finished. After I feel the painting is finished, I add color. I love to let the painting tell me what it wants to be.

There is going to be a local Art Show at my county's library that I'm trying to come up with something unique for. I'm not sure if everyone gets in or it's a juried event. In any case, I'm hoping I can get in. I've got until February 15th to come up with a masterpiece.. haha

Well me and the kid are sick at home again today. We just go from one cold to the next it seems. It's freezing outside and blowing the snow that is falling. I'm so ready for spring.

Later Taters,
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  1. Very cool and unique, Jaime ! I love 'em !

  2. Wow, I am loving this technique- SO very COOL, and definitely unique! I'm sorry you're still sick- maybe YOU should take a lysol shower? Or go and paint some more- some of my best (or most interesting ) art seems to happen when I have a fever :D
    Seriously tho' I hope you feel better soon,

  3. Sorry to hear you're sick but it doesn't seem to effect your's beautiful! And I love that it just "happens" as you're making marks.

  4. This is such a beautiful technique. It is amazing that the inkings just speak to you and a painting forms. I cannot leave a comment here using my wordpress openID, so I am signing this with my WP identification, so you can find my PPF entry.

  5. So sorry to hear you and the sweetie are ill again...hope you both feel better soon. I love A Girl and Her Bird - it's so bright and bold!!!! I hope you get into the library exhibition - that would be wonderful and such great exposure! I'll keep my fingers crossed. xoxo

  6. Beautiful work Jaime!! How wonderful that your art emerges as you work!! Get well soon(I don't know if it will help but since I started cooking with olive oil,all the family seem less prone to colds and flu).


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