Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's FAT Tuesday! Also Art Exhibit pictures

The art exhibit came and went in a flash. I didn't actually make it to the show until Saturday, it had started on Friday, and I should've went sooner. They had one of my paintings upside down! Jeesh. I can't believe they couldn't figure it out since I signed the back and put an address sticker on the bottom and I wouldn't sign it upside down! Oh well. 

Above is Asher with his Self Portrait. If you've read my blog much, you know he is a real pistol and these pictures of him show a little of that. So dramatic, I would swear I have a teenage girl... haha I kept trying to take a decent picture and he kept posing. Again with the dramatics. I finally gave up and just took what he gave me. This is truly him, so I think it's better than a fake reserved photo. Cause if there is one thing Asher is not, that would be reserved. I guess the nut doesn't fall too far from the tree is all I can say.

Here's the other painting of Asher's called "Caterpillar on Table" which you've already seen. The one he got the 2nd place red ribbon on. Shown with him doing different "tricks" for poses. haha

Next, we've got mine. Ugh... nothing like seeing yourself in a photo to make you put away the Girl Scout cookies your happily munching on faster than the speed of light.

There is something to be said about getting a good angle. And this ain't it.
Asher and myself with "Sinister Feline", the one they had upside down
Below is the "My Three Sons", by this time Asher was tired of posing and just wanted to leave.

Asher wasn't quite as proud as I was of his paintings. In fact, I was more excited about the show than he was but of course he doesn't quite understand what it's all about.

I didn't sell my paintings but it was still fun. 4 items sold in the show and one of them was a little purse in the shape of an owl face. Jewelry also sold (2 different jewelry artists) and then an oil painting of a lighthouse with a religious theme.

This was really my first exhibit. While I've done art shows before, it was a manned booth that I attended and was showing and trying to sell my art for either a day or perhaps a weekend. I think in the future, I will work a little larger and I will definitely take any opportunity to show my work. I'm ready to get more serious with my art and getting it seen in exhibits sound like a good way to keep me creating more things on a regular basis. To stay motivated.

I'm not sure if motivated is the right term, because I get great satisfaction in creating art and I cannot imagine me not doing it because I simply need to create, just... just because I am and because I exist and because I breathe. I think most artists are that way. Even if we were the only ones to ever see our own art we would still create it, right? I would and have up until I started blogging. 

How do you stay "motivated" for lack of a better word? 

On another note... Happy "Mardi Gras Day"! I know my post isn't about Mardi Gras, but I'd love to be down in New Orleans (with someone who knew their way around!) celebrating with all the fun and action.

I cannot believe that the television networks and movie channels are not playing one of my most favorite scary movies today, "Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh". It has a Mardi Gras theme through out. If you haven't seen it, run and go get it! It is fabulous!!


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  1. Thank you for reminding that today is Shrove Tuesday....Pankcake Day in my house....LOL

  2. You my dear are GORGEOUS and Asher is just the cutest!

    Loved getting to see these pics.

    Eeeeeeeeeeek! Candyman 2 is one of my faves too!


  3. Well, Happy Mardi Gras day! Asher is such a CUTE little ham. Look at all those poses. :) And what a proud mama! :) So sorry you didn't sell any art - I cannot believe they hung one of your pieces upside down! Gee whiz! :( At the very least, I am sure it was wonderful exposure!!! :)

  4. Asher cracks me up--he's great!! It's hard to sell art especially this time of year, but it's still awesome that you were able to exhibit your art--everything is good about making art and this is one of the aspects.

    And speaking of Candyman 2--I liked it too, but I have to say that I've seen the original Candyman so many times that I've lost count. I love the story behind it.

  5. Ahhh...Asher is a real sweet heart and you are so beautiful! Loved seeing your photos and the exhibition is great exposure.Staying motivated is not easy,yes its fulfilling to create art,but I hope for the day when I can live off my art.I've had so many knockbacks in the past year,I could write a book about them.I might mope for about a day or two and then I dust myself off and get back in the saddle.We have all the shining examples in history to back us up...Van Gogh,Gauguin,Seurat,Toulouse-Lautrec,to name but a few.They never gave up on their passion and I admire the fact that you are determined to go on too.You're strong and talented and these traits are all you need.I am so grateful to blogger beacuse we can all encourage each other.

  6. I love these pictures of Asher and you and the show- all are GORGEOUS (with or without the GS Cookies ;))
    I think being in shows really is a great way to keep motivated and to make sure you do your best work- if I KNOW people are going to see it, I always do just a little more than I might have.....just sayin'
    Thanks for sharing the pics!


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