Monday, April 2, 2012

Finished pup has new owner

My painting of "Can I go home with you?" has a new owner. I didn't get to meet her, but I tried. She left before the winners were called. I hope she likes it, well obviously she likes it or she wouldn't have bid on it ;)  But what I mean is, I hope she is happy she won and likes it even more now that he is hers. 

I had a few people tell me they wanted to buy it as I was making my way up to add it to the items to be auctioned off, but of course it was for the benefit. But I did list it in my shop, here. Where are all these people when I am at an art show? haha Maybe I've hit a soft spot here with the pup. He is a cutie, and who doesn't love dogs?

My face painting gig went well. Lots of happy kids, which makes me happy. I got lots of cute pictures of their smiling painted faces (and an arm!). Here's a couple that I think turned out great...

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  1. Oh wow, I can see custom dog portraits--they're big around here!
    And how fun that face painting is!

  2. Love the pup and I can see why many wanted to buy it. Facepainting is the most fun and fulfilling thing a person can do. I have done facepaintng many, many times and it always is a blast. have a great week! :-)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I knew someone would snap up that pup.

  4. You have found your niche! Painting puppies! This little guy is adorable. Reminds me of Bogart (my Pit Bull very large puppy). Love the face painting. This is really a talent and you are wonderful. I did this for the LibraryFest one year and it was hard work with hundreds of kids descending on me! I hear there is good money in this if you promote birthday parties and special events.


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