Thursday, April 19, 2012

More plants!

You are going to think I've turned this into a gardening blog... well it sorta is occasionally. When I'm not painting, drawing or studying art, then I'm gardening inside and out or reading about it!

I just couldn't wait to show you my new plants that I got yesterday. So before I get them in the ground I wanna show ya what I got :)

All lined up looking pretty
Shrubs waiting for a new home
Heuchera - Carmel
Smoky Purple climbing rose called Stormy

oh my!! 

Ivy Geranium, Martha Washington I think... there is no tag

 So of course you know what is coming down the line. A lot of ibuprofen and more garden pictures!

Have a great Thursday, I'm off to plant!

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  1. Lovely:) They are just starting to open the garden centers here but so far only soil is on sale.

  2. Hi Jamie. You and I are a lot alike when it comes to our gardens. It's, along with painting, one of my favorite things to do. It fills the soul with happiness and inspiration. Beautiful flowers and I can hardly wait for your veggie garden.

  3. Oh wow, a feast for the eyes ! Hope you had a wonderful day planting. Here it is still raining, and tomorrow is the same...haven't been doing anything in the garden for 4 days :-((

  4. Spring does seem to bring out the gardner is us with the beautiful blossoms and fresh green growth of plants. Your array is amazing and you will be so happy seeing them every day. Planting Bliss...

  5. Oooh--look at all of that "paint"--now you'll make it all into a work of art--I envy your green thumb!

  6. Not having a green thumb my eyes usually glaze over at garden talk, but I do love your selection of colors and shapes and look forward to seeing them in your paintings

  7. Your passion for plants is truly inspiring!!This is serious gardening.I thought planting a few pots of pansies was something.
    I've been catching up on the last few posts,I always enjoy a view into your world with humour and wit.Above all the talent shows with anything you put your mind to,whether its gardening or painting.

  8. Eeee, how did I miss this! I'm so glad I stopped by and got to see all your new beauties! I think we definitely like the same kinds of color in our gardens!

  9. Love these garden posts!!! Your garden is so lovely. The edging really helped to define everything. You're making me feel so guilty for not working in my garden much this year. Gotta get out there! Thanks for the inspiration/motivation!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh My, you have been busy :)

    I LOVE all the wonderful plants you have and the photographs of all you have already done. Wow! Girl you are putting me to shame. We are still waiting for the rain to stop :(

    The edging looks really nice too!

    Oh, your graffiti boy, it made me giggle when you said he shouldn't use his real name. We allowed our kids to write all over the walls any time before we were about to remodel, they LOVED doing that. :)

    Have a great weekend and I hope the pain goes away :) T.


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