Thursday, May 17, 2012

ARt Finds from Arts in Harmony

So I told you a couple posts ago I'd share my purchases at the last art show I went to called Arts in Harmony, which is local to me. So here they are! I didn't have much money to spend so I had to keep it economical but I'm pleased with everything just the same.

First buy was this sweet little poem printed on watercolor by a creative artist who attends a rehab service. All proceeds went to help out the programs they have there. I loved her lively colors and the poem is great inspiration

Artist Ashley from Posey Co. Rehab Services Day Program

This next piece is a hair clip made from drinking aluminum cans! How creative is that?! I love to wear flowers in my hair and didn't have a metal one. Mine shown here is a V8 juice can and I was drawn to it the second I saw it. She had all kinds of color combinations. They are surprisingly not sharp.

Artists mother and daughter team of Green Wear Designs

Then I found these cute earrings which have been hand painted with alcohol inks the artist told me. Again, I was drawn to this pair immediately. Don't you love it how just gravitate towards certain things. I guess our taste's are just ingrained in us. She had a beautiful assortment of colors and different shapes.

Stillwater Creations by Kathy Gibson (find her on Facebook)
And my last buy of the day that I couldn't resist was this super cute copper ring. Copper is my metal (besides gold) and I love the design of this one by Nancy Pace of Wild Wire Art. Nancy had a lot of different items at her booth and was so nice to meet. Her and I hit it off right away. I love connecting with other artists. Nancy has exhibits showing in Illinois. Try to ignore my chubby little hand ;)

Wild Wire Art by Nancy Pace

I met so many friendly artists at this art show. I plan to have a booth there myself one day. It's a two day show, which are not my favorite, but I'd love to get my work out to local eyes. I wish I had all the money I needed to buy something from each artist as they were all talented and I'd like to be able to support their efforts, but you know how it is.

Some of my friends and their sites that were there include:

Tom Wintczak of Bee Tree Pottery - gorgeous Redware, Stonewear and Folk Art pottery by this super nice guy whom I'm proud to call my friend. Tom had these two pieces that were new to me that I really wanted to take home with me, they were of fish and they were calling out my name! Maybe next time if he still has them.

Kay Wiggins - Handmade baskets that puts Longaberger to shame. Kay is witty and fun to be around not to mention a talented artist. We met at the Farmer's Market here in New Harmony. I'm not sure if the link will work but her Facebook is here.

Katherine Sands - Fiber artist and good friend that I also met at the New Harmony Farmer's Market. I've shown you a beautifully dyed scarf she so graciously gave me as a gift one year. She just recently ended her solo show where she showcased her fabulous fiber art. Her art is expanding all the time. Her blog is Art Journal - A Creative Journey.

If you have time visit these artists, it's great to look and be inspired by other artists :) Let me know if the links don't work. Thanks,
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  1. How sweet of you Jaime! I knew instantly I liked you when I saw that sweet smile and the perky flower in your hair!
    I am honored to be a part of your blog!

  2. Love your finds!! This is what I do when I'm in the shows--I go on a virtual shopping trip, and then when I sell something of my own, I'll go back to do some real shopping. There are shows sometimes when I don't bring much money home--but I'm still happy...

  3. All great finds!
    I love craft fairs, I have to set a spending limit so I don't go crazy.

  4. Sounds like you had lots of fun shopping and meeting Artists :)

    I LOVE it when people donate a part of their proceeds to a good cause (although an Artist is a good cause, don't I know, LOL!! :)

    Sorry I missed your B.Day! I hope it was a wonderful one and I am sure your Mom is with you in spirit everyday :)

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  5. Love your purchases! The poem and flower really caught my eye. Wish you could be my Mystery Shopper! I never find so many "small" great things at an art show! Have a great weekend.

  6. What fabulous treasures!!!! They are all so unique and very creatively designed. Thanks for sharing your new treats!

  7. Gorgeous choices- I love artist's markets! Ours in Decatur is coming up this weekend, I can't wait!

  8. You got some really great things, maKes me want to go art shopping myself!

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  10. You really got some lovely things!!! My favorite was the earrings!



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