Sunday, May 6, 2012

Strawberry Sunday

just picked
I had to share my drool worthy pictures of what my latest project has been and that is cooking (well sorta) I guess making strawberry yummies. I went strawberry pickin' if you can't tell.

Freezer jam... aka candy crack. I use Sure Jell and have success every time. So easy to make if you've never tried it. When buying berries for it remember one and a half pounds of berries = 1 quart if you're trying to figure how much to get for the jam. Tons of sugar, not for the faint of heart, but oooh so tasty!

just jellin...

and strawberry pie!

make sure you wipe the drool off your keyboard ;)

nom nom nom

And of course many many didn't make it this far. Popped right into my mouth! Mmmmm

I went to an art show today called Arts in Harmony in my little town of New Harmony. There was a real nice selection of artists of all kinds. Some I see often, some friends and some new ones that I've not seen until today. All very talented and I want to buy something from everyone but of course I can't. Still though, I'll share with you my finds tomorrow hopefully when I can snap some pictures of my goodies :)

Enjoy your Sunday evening.

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  1. This is looking so delicious Jaime, really makes my mouth water and my hips swell :-)

  2. YUM- you've got me wanting to make strawberry pie now- my favorite!

  3. WOW this looks so delicious!!! I'm giving up dieting!

  4. Drooling over your strawberry treats !
    We are still far from that in New England.
    Yum !
    Enjoy !


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