Monday, June 25, 2012

ARt Studio Update

We've got the windows in and just waiting for trim work now. See the progression here. I'm so thrilled with them and what a difference the light makes in this basement studio. I had natural light from a door to the greenhouse but this is even better. Check out my glorious view of my pond and lake. Can you imagine my great big smile about now? I can't wait to finish and get my stuff down there and start painting. Still need to do the floors though. For now they will just be cleaned and sealed. Probably for the best, that way I can be wild and crazy with the paint!

It took a trip to town, lunch at Taco John's and the cost of a new tool for my hubby (a big hammer drill) but we got them in. Just me and him, I kept telling him you get what you pay for in the help department (me)... haha At least he didn't make me use the sledge hammer. I probably would've, but I'd be paying for it today.

first hole

nice view, huh?

window in

how it looks from the outside

door to greenhouse, see how the window ties in

ready for more demo! he knocks 'em down, I pick 'em up

Next window please

it's dark, but they are in!

next morning, a little outside trim work

need some stain or paint but they are in!!!

All this studio business is coming to a halt for a short time though. We picked beans this evening so that means the ol' canner is coming out in the morning. Hope I've got lids. Oh and I picked my first tomatoes today!! Yippee!

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  1. How exciting this must be for you--you have your 2 loves coming together--can't get any better than that! I'm excited for you!

  2. What a fabulous space, and the view is lovely! You are a lucky lady!

  3. I'm excited for you too Jaime. It rocks, having your own place. I added a small frig and microwave to my studio, just in case. There is a mini kitchen at the front of the studio with sink, cupboard and other. I am so excited for you and can hardly wait to see it completed and you in action. Take care.

  4. that's so exciting. and I'm envious of your tomatoes in June. it will likely be mid-August before we see them here.

  5. It is looking fantastic! Tomatoes? Already? Wow!

  6. I am so excited for you! Looks like it will be nice and roomy!

  7. I'm so excite I just can't tell you! It seems to be moving at a snails pace though. Thank you everyone for your excitedness for me! Is that a word?! haha And yes we've got tomatoes! yahoo! slow right now, but more are coming :)

  8. So exciting! We had a terrible tomato season here this year. Summer was rubbish and most of my tomatoes were turned into green tomato relish. I am ever hopeful that once winter is out of the way we will be due a better summer than the last one!! :)


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