Saturday, June 16, 2012

In need of intervention

In need of intervention by Jaime Haney
In need of intervention, a photo by Jaime Haney on Flickr.
Seriously. More plants, really? I remember walking into the nursery and then it fades. I think my body was possessed. It was an out of body experience. Really.


  1. lol I know.. it's scary isn't it? very pretty though.. and really?? when is there no room for more plants?? xx

  2. I call it "jungle fever" and every nursery calls my name! I stroll thru them slowly and touch a lot of stuff, but never never buy. I have killed more innocent plants than I care to remember. You give them a lovely home and they thrive so you are more tempted than I am! Love the photos!!

  3. Yes, but it's a healthy obsession, right?
    Can't wait to see these planted!


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