Saturday, August 8, 2009

Asher and the pillow incident part 1

This happened the other night while I was finishing eating my spaghetti and foolishly let my 3 year old go in the other room... unsupervised. At the time I was not at all amused, but watching it again, it is kinda funny. I took this video from my phone, so the quality is not great, you can't see the stuffing very well on the floor, but it was EVERYWHERE! All the while he's having a blast and running through it over and over. I have another video of it called part 2 that just continues another minute. I know that I will cherish these memories when he is grown and Mommy isn't the most important person in his life, so that is why I decided to capture this video. Time is going so fast already. He will be three and a half in Sept and I can hardly believe it.

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