Thursday, August 20, 2009

Morning glory evening

Yesterday I made yet another batch of salsa. Holy cow, I've got tomatoes coming out of my ears and this didn't even make a dent in what I've got in buckets and on the counter. I can't bear to let any go to waste and I'm getting those acid sores on the inside of my mouth from eating so many. Even with all the freezing, canning and eating sadly, I still have some rotting and ugh... leaking.. on my counter. Enter the knats or fruit flies, whatever they're called, they are annoying and about to push my dh over the edge. Dare I say it... I think I planted too many tomato plants. Hi my name is Jaime and I'm a tomato plant addict. all together now... "Hi Jaime..."

On another note, I got out and snaped shots of my garden in the evening after salsa was done and Asher made pies in the humidity. Humidity pies, you know, you grab the air push it around make a nice dough out of it. Make sure to ring it out... ha ha.. My hair was nice and curly then I went outside and now I have a giant fuzz ball on my head living up to the nickname my husband gave me "Bush woman". oyi. In the winter I'll be complaining that my curls now are flat hanging pieces of rope from my head. I can't win. But I still try :)


  1. Jaime...I wanted to thank you for following my photo blog. I also looked at your photo montages and they are very nice. I noticed you had a post about the Vanderburgh fair and Grace Baptist Church. It sounds like we both live in the same area...I hail from Evansville!
    Thanks again and your tomato overload posts are is that time of year isn't it!


  2. I know your pain. I planted one tiny roma tomato plant thinking that was all I would need, just a few tomatoes for salsa or spaghetti sauce. Now I have dozens and dozens of tomatoes all at once from just one plant! It's gynormous!


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