Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly!

Ooooo Eeeeee! I Chee Wa Wa!! that is what I can say about making this jalapeno pepper jelly. While I was chopping up the jalapenos with my Pampered Chef food chopper (because I don't have a food processor!) I took in a deep breath. Big mistake. I started coughing and choking, it was like I breathed all that hotness in. I was smart enough to use gloves though while chopping and scraping. Unfortunately there was a hole in one of the fingers and I quickly found that.

Now I was following a recipe, but you know me.... I like to improvise! So I followed it for the most part, but I decided to not seed the peppers or remove the pulp by straining. I do believe this made for a hotter jelly. It is really sticky too. But it gelled up great! Now I just need to get the courage to try it! I wanted to put it on Ritz crackers with a little cream cheese and I haven't got the crackers yet. But from licking my fingers, I can tell that it is gonna be pretty hot. I made just 8 half pints and won't make any more until I know I like it.

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. These are beautiful photos and wow does that look good. My husband, Jon, would walk on hot coals for that stuff! I'm a bit of a sissy when it comes to hot stuff, but have to be brave or they won't let me live in Texas!! You must be a great cook....everything looks sooo good!


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