Friday, November 20, 2009

Pizza Yum Yums

I thought I'd share with you my girlfriends concoction I am gonna call Pizza Yum Yums. They are nothing more than french bread cut into about 2" slices with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni (I used turkey pepperoni) on top. Pop them under the broiler and voila! Pizza Yum Yums!

I have been revamping my art studio these past few days. I've got myself a nice U-shaped work area going and hope I can make it up there more often and get back to creating some things. I'm even including a place for my son (3 1/2 year old) to color and hopefully allow me to continue working!

I love to find new art blogs and I've found quite a few good ones lately. See them under my "Inspiration" list. I learn blogging techniques from them and get stimulated to create which is really helpful lately. I do more creating in my head these days than anything else and I'd like to change that.

I'm hoping to see the Central High School craft show tomorrow to see what kind of handmade goodies made by the local folks I can find. I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet and maybe this will spur me on.

Now to start something new that I saw on one of the great new art blogs I was telling you about (L. Gruger), I give you my version:

"This Artists Observations of the Day"

Feeling of the day: hopeful

I'm grateful for: pre-made cookie dough

I am wearing: purple and blue

I thought about today: my mom

I miss: Wink (a sparkling drink) and my mom, of course

Best thing I did today: Play frisbee with Asher


  1. I love PaintAllNightStudios on Etsy! And...I can't believe you make Pizza Yum Yums too! I call mine "Pizza in Paris"! (refering to French Bread and Italian ingredients) It's so delicious! We use turkey pepperoni too. It's a small world. Wish we could share some Yum Yums and paint the whole afternoon!!

  2. ahhh ! yes indeed it is a small world! I like your name better :)


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